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Do you also find yourself stuck inside your head? Constantly thinking, either in the past or in the future? Yes, you need some anxiety-relieving gadgets to deal with this issue. Temporary anxiety or creative block can be resolved on your own but if it’s something serious, you should consult a professional. For now, here is a list of the best gadgets for anxiety, you will never want to miss out on. So, hang on and keep discovering.

Fidget, the best gadgets for anxiety

Puzzle-solving toy

Designers Mark McLachlan and Mathew created this awesome toy for anxiety-prone individuals. The hack is to use your mental energy on solving problems rather than getting worried. When the user solves the puzzle, they unfold easily in their life.


Comes in the range of $9.99. Which is pretty affordable. You can find it on antsy labs without searching here and there.

Sona, the best gadget for anxiety

A quick healer on your wrist

Sona is wearable technology in the form of a bracelet, more of a health tracker. Which will keep tracking your stress level and heart rate. Whenever it will find your stress increasing, it will come up with five resonance breathing meditation sessions. Which in turn will enhance your calmness and focus.


Comes in the range of $199, an affordable gadget, and you can go for it.

The Pip

Anxiety relief on your fingertips

Never thought that just fingertips could solve anxiety issues. Pip is a gadget for your fingertips, where it’s believed that stress levels are highest. The innovative idea behind Pip is, it reads stress signals from your fingertips and turns them into visualization. Which helps you to figure out your stress levels.

Pip is a scientific approach to your self-care. It helps you to find the root of the problem and enables you to deal with it. Making it one of the best gadgets for anxiety.


Available at $120 on Amazon. Pretty much affordable, you can think about it.

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Who thought ‘think’ could be written this way?

A team of neuroscientists from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT develop a wearable technology that uses electronic pulses to stimulate the brain. This is the only wearable technology, which can elevate your mood and relieve your unnecessary thinking. Not just saying, they tested it more than 5000 times. 


At $299, which is pretty expensive. If you can afford it, then go for it. Also, its sleek design will make you want to wear it.


A bracelet to cut the crap

This bracelet will help you figure out the reasons and the intensity of stress they cause. So that you can prioritize the stress-causing reasons. The technology behind this wearable is to monitor your heart rate and find patterns of stress levels based on location, people, and time of the day. That’s why they said, cut the crap from your life. Indeed one of the best gadgets for anxiety.


Comes at $50, pretty affordable, if you are thinking about it. You can go for it.

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Spire, the best gadgets for anxiety

Tracks your breathing pattern

As suggested by ancient teachings, breath can do wonders in the healing process. This gadget helps to focus on your breathing and relieve your stress. Spire enables you to notice your tension through your breath.

Clip this gadget on your belt, and you can figure out what makes you tense and what brings calmness, as a result, helps you deal with stressors. Spire allows you to get notified about your inactivity and start moving.


Find it on Amazon, in the range of $1000. A bit pricey but can help you cut the crap from your life.


Not just breathing but improving your posture as well

A sedentary lifestyle is also one of the main reasons for stress issues. Desk culture has brought many health problems along with it. If you are also one of them then, Prana can track your breath and improve your posture.

Its technique is to activate the relaxation response, and proper diaphragmatic breathing through good posture. Enjoy a calm working day, just by adjusting your breathing.


Comes in the range of 36$, without a doubt you can go for it.


A head-band with brain-sensing technology

Muse helps you figure out the calmness or stressful state of your mind. This headband can even help you through your meditative routine. Whenever you skip stress management, this band will detect the stress and start producing guiding sounds to help you stay focused.

So, not just a solution for stress but a source of discipline in your stress management. No wonder why it is one of the best gadgets for anxiety.


Muse is available on Amazon at around $36. Which makes it a cheap gadget for anxiety. Without a doubt, you can go for it.

InnoGear essential oil diffuser

Best gadget for anxiety

Aromatherapy has been useful for stress relief since ancient times. It helps with sleep, improves mood, and reduces stress levels. InnoGear essential oil diffuser can help you maintain a calm environment, anytime, anywhere (be it your office or home).

For stress relief, you can prefer bergamot, lavender, and ylang-ylang oils. Make sure you consult a professional for the quality of essential oils, as FDA does not regulate the purity of essential oils.


You can find the InnoGear essential oil diffuser at $15 from Amazon. This is the cheapest way to keep your environment stress free.


Our modern and fast-paced life naturally tends to be stressful. A competitive world often brings anxiety along. So, why not seek some help from technology to deal with stress? This article covers the best gadgets for anxiety, they come in all ranges, from affordable to expensive. Keep your lifestyle and priorities in mind then choose what works for you.

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