Being in a state of frustration can be really uncomfortable. One might feel frustrated due to various reasons, such as stress at work, difficulties in relationships, or even expectations from self. Here are some ways in which you can release frustration.

Feeling Frustrated? Heres How You Can Release Pent-Up Frustration

frustration can negatively effect our mood

Being in a state of frustration can be really uncomfortable. One might feel frustrated due to various reasons, such as stress at work, difficulties in relationships, or even expectations from self. Being frustrated can be a response to feeling helpless. Feeling frustrated for a short period can be stressful but  is normal. However, pent-up frustration or feeling a sense of frustration for longer periods can poorly affect your mind as well as your body. Here are some ways in which you can release frustration:

  1. Breathing exercises: Various breathing exercises derived from traditional Chinese (tai chi, qigong) and Indian (yoga) exercising regimes have proven to help with frustration and many other mental and physical ailments. Taking deep breaths can help you ease your mind and your body's muscles, making you feel more relaxed. Furthermore, breathing exercises do not require physical movement or any pieces of equipment. Hence, they can be performed anywhere and at anytime. Deep breathing is one of the primary solutions proven to help release frustration and stress.

  1. Meditation: Meditation is believed to be a way to exercise the mind. It releases frustration and other negative feelings and rejuvenates and replenishes the mind. In moments of intense frustration and feelings of helplessness, meditation can prove to be helpful. Just like breathing, meditation has little to no requirements. Inculcating meditation in your daily routine first thing in the morning or before going to bed can be very helpful. Meditation has been proven to better sleep cycles. In addition to this, meditation also promotes better mental health and boosts productivity. 

  1. Talk to a friend: Oftentimes, negative feelings can worsen over time if not treated properly. Studies have proven that talking about your problems and feelings can make you feel better. In case you need an outlet or someone to vent to, talking to a friend, partner or a supportive family member might be helpful. In fact, you might not even require anybody at all. Studies have found that journaling is another effective way to release stress or frustration. However, if you wish to seek advice or guidance, seeking therapy is another great alternative. Therapy or counseling can help you open up about your negative thoughts and feelings. In addition to this, a therapist might be more helpful in navigating how to make you feel better. 

  1. Workout: Your mental and physical health both have a great impact on each other. In addition to this, working out has various health benefits for the mind. Working out regularly helps release stress, and tension and can even cure more severe mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Exercising releases dopamine and various other hormones that are connected to making you feel happy and energised. Incorporating 30 minutes of exercising every day can help you release any frustration you may be feeling. 

  1. Listen to music: Being in a state of frustration, anger or any stressful emotion can take a toll on your mood. Playing upbeat or relaxing music can help you elevate your mood. Studies have found that listening to music has numerous health benefits, some of which are better sleep, reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, and better memory. Music has also proven to release ‘happy' hormones in the body. Meaning, that it promotes the production of hormones that make us feel happy, energised, and positive.

Finally, it is important to understand there are no negative emotions and all emotions are valid. Some feelings might make you feel uncomfortable. However, taking the above-discussed measures might help you better your mood. Besides these, you can also try incorporating a healthy diet into your routine to better fuel your mind and body. Eating a nutrient-rich diet can also promote betterment in feelings and moods. 

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