Dodow is a sleep aid consisting of a metronome light scientifically proven to help individuals fall asleep swiftly and pleasantly while erasing troubling thoughts. The gadget works by obstructing any anxieties and excessive mind processes and lulling users into a very pleasant, lengthy, and restful sleep.

Several activities and lifestyle habits may be used with the gadget to achieve excellent outcomes. Meditation, yoga, and behavioral therapy, for instance, are all excellent choices that may enhance the benefits of Dodow. The gadget is safe for use by people of all ages and has no long-term adverse effects.

This little sleep assistance gadget works largely via the use of hypnotic light. The individual must concentrate on this soothing blue light, which gradually relaxes his thoughts and breathing rhythm. A few minutes later, their normal mental capacity is restored, and they fall asleep without any effort.

Dodow is a simple product to use. No additional equipment or third-party software is needed.

In addition, it is a one-time investment that will endure for years. Users must activate its 8- or 20-minute sleep cycle before the gadget will automatically turn off.

How Does Dodow Work as a Sleep Aid?

Before purchasing this device, it is essential to understand the science underlying its operation. Dodow breathing assist is a very effective and simple option for everyone. It does not take up much space or a significant deal of work to set up.

Dodow features a touch-sensitive surface that requires three seconds of contact. The equipment creates a soothing blue light that is projected directly onto the ceiling; while lying in bed, people must gaze directly at the blue light. After a few seconds, it will gradually grow larger before contracting to a tiny, round point.

When observing the light, people should concentrate on their breathing. The product’s basic scientific rationale is that it will slow down breathing, and its calming blue light will restore the body’s natural rhythm. Within seconds, it soothes thoughts and regulates breathing.

The subsequent reduction in breaths per minute will finally lower the heart rate. Dodow is offered in two distinct configurations. With these parameters, one may choose the duration of each session’s concentration requirement. People have the option between 8-minute and 20-minute sleep cycles. Surprisingly, some individuals even fall asleep throughout the eight-minute period. The gadget automatically turns off at the conclusion of each session.

Technical Specifications

Battery Type = 3 AAA 

Dimensions = 5″ x 4.5″ x 2″ 

Weight = 7 ounces

Power usage = over hundreds of nights Basic Functionality = Promotes rapid sleep with 8-minute and 20-minute cycles

How to Use 

Dodow is an extremely easy-to-use gadget. Follow these instructions to utilize it properly and maximize its potential.

Place the gadget on a flat surface, such as a nightstand.

Tap the gadget’s surface to choose an 8- or 20-minute cycle. When laying in bed, the device emits a relaxing blue onto the ceiling. Inhale and exhale with the gradually expanding blue light. As the cycle continues, the blue light travels more slowly, and the mind instinctively concentrates on it and eliminates distractions. Consequently, breathing slows down and pulse stabilizes, and people wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Design and Construction

Dodow is an excellent gadget that is small, lightweight, user-friendly, and portable. The finest aspect of Dodow is that it occupies very little room on the bedside table, where it can be placed among essentials like tissues, a glass of water, and a clock.

If users get acclimated to the device, they will be unable to sleep without it. It does not imply that the item is addictive; it just offers highly helpful features and great performance.

In comparison to other gadgets, Dodow may not provide the same level of comfort and relaxation. It rapidly eliminates worry and tension and promotes uninterrupted, restful sleep throughout the night. The gadget is portable due to its tiny size and simplicity. 


The Dodow sleep assistance gadget offers several intriguing features and advantages. People like the product because of its incredible performance and user-friendliness. Discover more features and perks that make the Dodow an ideal gadget to consider.

Robust Design and Construction 

The sleep aid features a straightforward and practical design. The gadget is just 45 inches broad by 2 inches in height. Consequently, the gadget is the most durable product despite its tiny size. It has a sturdy structure, so it does not shatter or get damaged if it inadvertently falls to the ground.

No Cords, Only Batteries

Unlike conventional gadgets, which need a lengthy cable for effective operation, Dodow is powered by replaceable AAA batteries.

100 Nights of Peaceful Sleep: According to all Dodow consumers who have used the product for years, the device may easily provide more than 100 nights of restful sleep. Whether people are light or heavy users, the product will operate without charging-related concerns for months.

Appropriate For All Ages: According to the manufacturer, Dodow is suitable for all ages six years and older who have insomnia-related disorders. Even if people use the product every night, there will be no negative effects.

The finest aspect of the product is that it is quite simple to use. There is no need to read any instruction manual or guide before use. Simply choose the 8- or 20-minute sleep cycle, touch the power button, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Two cycles are included: The package includes two sleeping cycles. Depending on their choice, people may touch the surface for 8 minutes or pick a 20-minute sleep cycle. The gadget automatically turns off during sleep, allowing users to fall asleep.

Quality Sleep: Dodow’s primary function is to help people fall asleep fast and successfully. It promotes restful sleep by erasing any disturbing ideas from the mind.

Dodow works by slowing and stabilizing the individual’s breathing rate. Its mesmerizing, calming blue light lowers respiration to around six breaths per minute.

Who Should Use Dodow?

Dodow is the most sophisticated device on the market and is ideal for anybody with anxiety, sleeplessness, or other sleep-related difficulties. When people sleep for less than two to three hours every night, they suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, which may lead to a number of major health problems that can impact the whole body. And when they don’t get enough sleep, people don’t give their cells enough time to heal from various difficulties that are lodged in their brains, and they wake up feeling exhausted and agitated.

The longer a person goes without enough sleep, the more symptoms they may develop. Even when sleep-deprived, it is possible to make basic errors at work, such as mixing up or sending wrong emails or miscounting figures. After a stressful day, they will be unable to do routine duties such as grocery shopping or driving home.

Jet lag sufferers are also recommended to use this device. Changing time zones on a business trip or family holiday can make it difficult for people to return to their normal routines.

Ideal for those who sleep on their backs:

Dodow is worth an attempt for people who sleep on their backs. This device casts a hazy and tranquil light across the ceiling. Thus, by concentrating on Dodow’s blue light while lying on their back, people can easily finish an 8- or 20-minute cycle without losing interest or concentration. Due to the necessity to rotate their necks, people who sleep on their right or left side sometimes have trouble seeing the television.

The objective of this gadget is to induce a deep slumber. Those who often sleep on their back will be fine if they have no issue with gazing at the light cast by the device. However, if they, like most people, prefer to sleep on their side or stomach, they should not anticipate falling asleep within one to two minutes, since their muscles will not be relaxed and they may feel a little uncomfortable.

As one observes the light, it periodically dims and then re-illuminates, causing some individuals to get exhausted. However, people are advised to modify their posture and attention.

Best for Insomnia and Sleep Problems

People who struggle with sleeplessness and similar disorders are likely the best candidates.

Insomnia prevents people from sleeping for more than two to three hours every night. Insomniacs are always fatigued and unable to focus on routine matters.

They are more prone to be stressed. Dodow is one of the excellent cures for depression and sleeplessness that may be of great assistance.

It is essential to use Dodow for a few nights in a row and observe the difference between before and after usage.


1 unit costs $59
2 units cost $88.50
3 units cost $118

Money-Back Assurance:

Buyers may take advantage of their typically 100-day money-back guarantee. The warranty begins from the date of delivery of the product. Buyers have 100 days to return the product to the manufacturer if they decide it’s not the correct gadget for them or if it stops working for any reason.


●    Small, condensed, and light
●    Transportable and effective sleep aid
●    Strong materials and construction.
●    Restores the ability to sleep normally
●    Reduces mental stress and breathing rate
●    The tranquilizing blue light calms the mind.
●    A user-friendly product for everyone
●    Without adverse effects and safe for all ages


It is available only via the manufacturer’s website.


1. Does Dodow have any adverse effects?

No. None of the more than 500,000 individuals who have taken Dodow in various regions of the globe have experienced ill effects. The gadget is non-addictive and harmless to the mind and body, unlike sleeping drugs and other sleep aids.

Where can I purchase the product?

It is suggested to purchase the item through the official Dodow website, which offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and other specials and discounts.

Is it a genuine product?

Yes, it does. Dodow is the only scientifically validated sleep aid that has been featured on CNN, Mashable, and the Daily Mail. Additionally, more than 500,000 individuals have used it. The gadget promises to induce sleep 2.5 times quicker and more effectively, making it a perfect option for insomniacs.

What makes Dodow a special sleep assistance device?

Dodow is distinguished from competing goods by a number of distinguishing characteristics. It creates a calming, peaceful blue light that stabilizes your breathing and relaxes your thoughts. Additionally, it is quite simple to use. It has two sleep cycles that aid in falling asleep rapidly. The gadget, unlike other devices or sleeping medicines, is non-addictive and aids in normalizing sleeping habits.


Dodow is one of the most effective sleep assistance devices. It facilitates falling asleep with less effort. After utilizing the gadget, people will discover that synchronizing their breathing with its light is simple. As soon as they get used to this procedure, they will experience remarkable effects within the first few days.

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