Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): As the clock ticks down to the much-anticipated assembly election results, candidates from various constituencies are grappling with a mix of anxiety and confidence. The fate of these candidates was sealed in the ballots on November 17, leaving them in a state of limbo till the counting takes place on Sunday.   The candidates from the Bhopal region interacted with Free Press on the eve of the verdict. Rameshwar Sharma, the BJP candidate from Huzur, expressed a calm demeanour and said, “I am completely stress-free; there’s no need to be anxious. Now everything is out of our hands, the votes have been cast and all the necessary actions have been taken; we can simply sit back and patiently await the results.”  

Another BJP candidate Bhagwandas Sabnani echoed a similar sentiment. “I will visit the temple and pray to God. Now everything is in God’s hands, all we can do is pray, and there is no room for stress,” he said.   On the Congress front, Jayshree Harikaran, the candidate from Berasia, acknowledged feeling stressed but emphasised the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. “Yes, I am stressed but all we can do to deal with this is to think positive, and I am positive.”  

Meanwhile, PC Sharma, the Congress candidate from Bhopal Dakshin Paschim, adopted a composed approach and said, “I am praying and spending time with family and loved ones. When you spend time with your loved ones, you do not feel stressed. I am confident about my win, so there is not much stress.”  

The Congress candidate from Huzur, Naresh Gyanchandani, portrayed himself as a spiritual individual. “I am a very spiritual person, results do not affect me. I have told all my supporters to pray for me, and I think now all one can do is pray and surrender everything into the hands of God,” he said.

Candidates contesting from Bhopal region

Bhopal Uttar: Alok Sharma vs Atif Aqeel

Bhopal Madhya: Dhruv Narayan Singh vs Arif Massod

Bhopal Dakshin Paschim: Bhagwandas Sabnani vs PC Sharma

Narela: Vishvas Sarang vs Manoj Shukla

Govindpura: Krishna Gour vs Ravindra Sahu

Huzur: Rameshwar Sharma vs Naresh Gyanchandani

Berasiya: Vishnu Khatri vs Jayshree Harikaran

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