The importance of cooling down after a heated workout session cannot be overstated. Yoga expert shares breathing exercises to help you cool down

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When it comes to yogic tradition, the importance of breath cannot be overstated. From decreasing stress to relieving pain - breathing exercises provide a range of health benefits. For those who seek new ways to effectively cool down post-workout, breathing exercises can be extremely helpful. "Incorporating breathing exercises and yoga into your post-workout routine allows for a gradual transition from a state of heightened activity to a state of relaxation and recovery. It supports physical and mental recovery, promotes overall well-being, and helps you feel refreshed after your workout," says certified yoga instructor and JetSynthesys* Master Sneha Desai.

She further says that improved blood circulation, enhanced relaxation, and a stronger mind-body connection can be achieved through breathing exercises, and yogic stretches.

Below, she shares three exercises that are easy to follow and will help you regulate your breath post-workout.

1. Belly breathing or candle blows
During this exercise, you breathe in from the nose and count till 5 in your mind.
You will count till 10 when you breathe out from the mouth. Remember it is just like you blowing candles but slowly.

Initially one can start with a ratio of 3:6 and slowly keep on increasing the number to a comfortable and relaxed breath. This can be done standing or sitting in a place or lying down.

2. Anulom Vilom or alternate nostril breathing
Sit in a comfortable position keeping your spine straight.
Close one nostril with your finger and inhale through the other.
Hold your breath briefly then exhale through the opposite nostril.
Repeat for several minutes.

One can count the breath in, hold and breathe out with a ratio of 3:3:6 or 5:5:10. This can be done for a minimum of 5 minutes or at least 5 rounds.

3. Ujjayi

Inhale deeply through your throat and exhale through your throat, creating a slight constriction in the back of your throat.
This produces a sound like the ocean or a snoring noise. Some people may feel an irritation in the throat but this has proven to help hold on to the posture in yin yoga also. This exercise can be done for a minimum of 5 minutes or at least 5 rounds.

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