Yoga is popular these days as an exercise for stretching, toning, and relaxation. What deeper benefits lie beneath the postures and breath work? The mechanism in our body & brain which activates all those feel-good benefits is the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS determines whether a person is in stress mode or relaxed mode. Breathing, which happens with or without our conscious input, modulates the ANS. By the end of a yoga session, our breath rate needs to be 10 breaths or less per minute to bring us to feel deeply relaxed. After a typical Body & Brain yoga class, our members are able to watch their breathing and often have breathing rates of 1 to 3 breaths per minute, with all their stress melted away.

When the mind is relaxed, our perception of our life becomes clearer, seemingly slowed down and undisturbed by the outside. It is in this state we can take in and enjoy each moment as our senses awaken to the beauty around us. With stressful emotions quiet we naturally feel grateful and joyful. We feel this sense that we wish to coexist with everyone and everything around us.

For many, this sense of mindfulness also brings reflection and contemplation of the dangerous point humans have progressed in today’s world. War, environmental damage, climate change, economic inequality are just a few of today’s challenges. Becoming relaxed and clear minded is a good first step in creating change. Change begins with me and this choice is a choice for coexistence. Let’s all choose together.

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