FLORIDA, US: Alix Earle, a 22-year-old influencer, recently took to TikTok to openly discuss her struggles with anxiety and offer insights into how she copes with panic attacks.


In a heartfelt video, she shared a personal account of experiencing a panic attack while attending the US Open in New York City.

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Alix Earle's honest account of anxiety struggles and coping strategies

In the video, Earle described the intense anxiety she felt during the panic attack, saying, "I had a little panic attack which I really haven't had in a while. I'm literally on the floor of the bathroom in the suite. I thought I was going to go home, I thought I was going to have to call 911, I felt like I couldn't breathe."


Alix Earle's candid disclosure about her battle with anxiety is just one instance of her willingness to discuss her personal struggles with mental health. On previous occasions, she used TikTok as a platform to openly talk about her struggles with acne and the impact it had on her self-esteem.

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In a heartfelt video, she not only normalized acne but also shared her personal journey towards self-acceptance, offering encouragement to her viewers.


In the wake of her recent panic attack at the US Open, Alix Earle returned to TikTok once more to guide her followers through her method for managing anxiety.

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Alongside a photo captured during the panic attack, she detailed a step-by-step approach to dealing with anxiety, providing valuable insights for her audience.


Alix Earle attends Sony Pictures'
Alix Earle revealed two more crucial steps in her anxiety coping strategy (Getty Images)

"No. 1, and I know this is super hard, but I like to tell someone that I don't feel good, that I'm having anxiety," she said. "For example, here I'm with my friend Christian. I was like 'Christian, I'm having really bad anxiety right now. We need to go to the bathroom."


"It helps to have someone there, you know, that if something does happen to you they'll be able to get help or do something," she continued.

Alix Earle revealed two more crucial steps in her anxiety coping strategy. The second step involves practicing breathing exercises to regain composure.

Earle explained she would breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 5 or 6 seconds, and then breathe out for 6 seconds. "I'll repeat that a few times," she added. "That helps calm your nervous system and get into a better headspace."


After Alix Earle succeeds in regaining a semblance of calmness through her breathing exercises, she proceeds to the third step of her coping strategy: distraction.

She recognizes that during a panic attack, it's easy to get overwhelmed by distressing thoughts, so she actively takes steps to redirect her attention. 



"You will just go through this rabbit hole in your head freaking out so you need to, as hard as it is, just find something else," she said.

She added, "I just wanted to make this video because I was able to get myself out of that headspace, and we stayed and we had a great time. Years before when something like this would happen to me, I would usually end up just leaving."


"So that's what helps me, so if you're dealing with anxiety I hope that helps you," she concluded.

Alix Earle's candid discussion on her acne journey

Alix Earle, a popular presence on TikTok with a substantial following of 5.8 million has been refreshingly open about her ongoing battle with acne.

Through her platform, she frequently provides updates on her Accutane treatment journey and shares valuable skincare tips with her dedicated audience.


Her transparency and authenticity in discussing her skin issues have resonated deeply with her followers.

Alix Earle is no stranger to sharing her unfiltered skin on TikTok. She has consistently used her platform to shed light on her struggles with acne, allowing others to join her on her journey and learn from her experiences.


Opening up about her journey to Rolling Stone, Earle mentioned, "Sharing my acne journey was definitely one of my main catapults to getting my strong community of followers. It gave people something to relate to. It was definitely really scary at first: I did not want to post my acne all over my face and my neck and then go to school and know that probably everyone I'm sitting next to saw this on the internet, but it honestly was so overwhelmingly positive."

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