9 Benefits of Practicing 10 Minute Pranayama Everyday

31 Aug, 2023

Jigyasa Sahay

Pranayama is a yogic exercises that is very effective and serves several health benefits.

Practising pranayam breathing exercises everyday for mere 10 minutes can have great affect on your body.

It helps to harmonise, and bring composure to body and mind.

It helps to lower BP, cholesterol and further is good for the heart.

It helps to lower stress and supports mental well-being as it calms the nervous system.

Stress-relieving breathing exercise can help to have a good quality sleep.

Pranayama also is effective to boost immunity system.

It also helps to lower blood pressure level.

Breathing exercises help to increase lung capacity and strengthen the lung health as well.

Pranayama improves brain function, focus and memory

Practising pranayama helps to increase concentration, and makes us more aware of our being. It increases mindfulness.

It helps to increase patience and endurance.

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