New Delhi: The past two years have been a struggle for every individual. Where on one hand few individuals lost their jobs while others could not cope with the workload of the new ‘work from home’ structure in the pandemic era.

Well, stress is something which is faced by all of us at times and it is very hard to manage and deal with it. If we ask corporate people, ‘weekend is over’ is the first level of stress, losing the job, salary cut, or failure to meet deadline remain other and for students exams, assignment submission, and suspension from the school is stressful. Every person has his or her own definition of stress.

Remaining calm in every situation is an art and very few people know the secret to manage it. No matter how peaceful a person you are there are always instances around you under which you might end up losing your mind and regretting the same.

But the question which remains unanswered for all of us is how to actually not lose our mind in an uneasy situation.

Here, we’ve brought some tips for you to manage stress and maintain work-life:

1. Take a deep breath

According to researchers, deep breathing can distract the mind and one can easily manage the stress hormone. So the simplest thing one can do is breathe deeply.

2. Start thinking about the positive things 

Whenever a person is anxious, he or she starts thinking about the negative side of the story. Instead of focusing on negatives, think positive.

3. Meditation

Scientifically daily meditation helps a person manage stress.

4. Start practicing Gratitude

It’s a human tendency to complain about the things we do n0t get. Start accepting your life, the way it is, and be thankful for whatever you have been blessed with.

5. Walking

Walking or exercising is an extreme therapy that one must try as it releases a good hormone.

6. Start Counting

Start counting backward or slow counting when faced with a stressful situation.




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