TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Working all the time or doing various tiring activities non-stop can affect a person's emotional state. Humans need to pause a moment from these activities, to recover their emotional state which can affect the mind, mood, and well being. To do that, a person needs to go heal themselves--or as people call it nowadays--healing.

Quoted from Verywell Mind, self healing is useful for controlling one's emotions and feelings. Emotional recovery is not only by visiting places that can heal a person's soul, but also doing activities that can heal you emotionally.

There are many ways you can do for healing. Here are some of them:

1. Meditation

Meditation naturally helps calm anxiety and stress. Healing your soul with meditation is a useful way to calm the mind and let the emotions flow.

Quoting Healthline, practicing meditation sharpens focus and attention, connects to the body and breathing, develops acceptance of difficult emotions, even controls consciousness.

2. Expressing through art

Expressing yourself through art--such as painting and listening to music--is beneficial for mental health. Doing art like painting and listening to music can be great ways to use your creativity and express feelings that are hard to convey.

3. Spending time in nature

Being in a natural environment can calm the mind and help you stay connected with your inner comfort. People in their recovery period can breathe natural air such as going up to the mountains or going to the beach to simply get away from stressful urban environment.

A report published in the journal Health and Place in 2016 stated that being near to the sea, apart from being calming, also changes the frequency of human's brain waves. This condition is said to be similar to having a light meditation.

4. Doing sports

Not only shopping and going to tourist attractions can relieve one's stress, but doing sports can also helps. You can do sports in any places, such as doing yoga at home, or running and jogging at the park, while breathing fresh air and seeing the greenery of the trees, also beneficial for emotional recovery.

5. Writing

Writing can be another way of healing one's soul and releasing emotions. By writing you can convey complicated stuffs from your feelings that are oftenly difficult to express.


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