Due to busy lives and chaotic schedules, the occurrence of headaches has become quite common. While medical conditions can contribute to bringing annoying headaches, sometimes, they are simply the result of stress, dehydration or a constant stare at a laptop or mobile screen. Popping an OTC pill while suffering from headaches is one of the most common solutions to this condition! But such tablets can take a toll on the overall health later and therefore opting for home remedies can effortlessly provide a sigh of relief from the distressing pain and discomfort without distressing your health. Ahead you will find a list of 5 easy ways to cure headaches naturally.

1. Massage therapy

Massages are incredibly therapeutic as it helps in easing the tensed muscles. Sometimes, stress and tension in the upper body are the cause of headaches. It can happen due to the strain on the muscles from poor posture or a severe workout routine. Massages aid in dropping chronic pain while opening up the tensed muscles that cause headaches. Provide pressure to specific pain points to get instant results.

Massage therapy

2. Ice pack

When it comes to quick home remedies for headaches a simple ice pack goes a long way. Whether it’s your forehead or scalp, an ice pack can deliver immediate pain relief. While the research regarding this isn’t pretty solid but experts claim it is perhaps due to a reduction in the flow of blood. If you do not have access to an ice pack you can use a frozen gel pack, or even a napkin or washcloth rinsed in cold water.

3. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is infused with vital compounds that bring a sigh of relief from the distressing symptoms of headaches and make you feel calm and relaxed. Dilute it with a carrier oil, apply it to the pain points and massage gently or you can simply inhale it to deal with the pain. Apply it in small proportions to get the best and immediate results.


Lavender oil

4. Try some breathing exercises

Headaches can occur because of the tension and stress which can further take a toll on the nerves and can simply be calmed with regular breathing exercises. Breathing exercises further put the effort on your nerves and focus on your mind while pacifying your muscles. Do sit in a quiet place and take gentle, pulsing breaths and provide yourself with a relaxing therapy to reduce muscle tightness.


Try some breathing exercises

5. Sip relaxing teas

There is nothing more comforting than a cup of hot and steamy tea! It brings warmth to the tensed muscles and makes you wind down peacefully. Herbal teas made of ingredients chamomile, dandelion and ginger are touted as excellent to relieve headaches.

Try out the above-mentioned ways to get rid of the headache in a natural and safeguard manner. Do consult a doctor if you have been suffering from headaches for a longer period of time and that too on a regular basis.

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