Recently, people are leaning towards more of an earthly touch inside their homes with more wood, natural hues, and earth colors, in addition to plants to create more of a raw look that is closer to nature. Indoor plants, besides being a nice decorative element, breathe life into your place and add a pop of natural and soothing color. Apart from the aesthetic elements, there are other reasons why adding plants to your indoors will make you feel better.


1. Plants purify the air.

Forget about all the money you were planning to pay in buying a purifier and switching it for plants. Plants can rid the air of up to 87% of toxins and can break down harmful substances in the air. Plants such as Epipremnum and Spathiphyllum are excellent air purifiers.


2. They help reduce stress.

Just think how calm you feel and less stressed when you spend time in nature, plants have the same effect. Research has shown that surrounding your home with greenery and plants has a calming effect and helps improve your mood.


3. Plants can help you stay focused.

Breathing cleaner, fresher air promotes a better and clearer state of mind. It has been proved that people who have plants in their homes and at the office are more focused and less distracted. Also keeping plants and flowers around can help inspire and give your creativity a boost.


4. They prevent and relieve allergies.

Plants are helpful for people suffering from allergies since the leaves collect mold and dust in the air. Additionally, those leaves are natural purifiers and filters that catch airborne particles that can trigger allergies.


5. Plants help you sleep better

Cleaner air and calm surroundings mean better sleep. Walking into a bedroom with the beauty of plants around surely has a calming effect but be sure to pick the right type of plants. Plants such as orchids, snake plants, and aloe vera are the types that produce oxygen at night which accordingly will help you sleep better.


But bear in mind, If you are planning to grow plants indoors, you need to learn about the type of plant you want to grow in terms of care, watering needs, and other important info to prevent the growth of mold and fungus and to benefit the most out of these plants.


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