Practicing physical activities is essential to have a good health. One of the most common exercises, when we think of modalities in addition to the more traditional ones, such as weight training and aerobics classes, is the swimming.

In addition to being a low-impact sport, which is important for many people with bone and joint conditions, swimming has a number of benefits for the body. Check out some of them:

improves breathing

As it is a sport that is practiced in an environment with plenty of water and, consequently, humidity, swimming reduces asthma symptoms, improves chest muscles, strengthens the lungs and increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Decreases stress

Contact with water alone has a relaxing effect, but swimming requires you to combine your breathing with your body’s movements. Guess who else does this? Yes, meditation. Therefore, swimming also has anti-stress effects.

Helps in the slimming process

Remember how we talked about swimming being a low physical impact exercise? This is important for many overweight people, who can be injured if they start doing other types of activities, such as running.

In addition, swimming is a physical activity that burns a lot of calories, which contributes to the weight loss process.

Good for heart health

All the movements the body makes while swimming, in combination with coordinated breathing, help the heart to get stronger and work better, in addition to collaborating with the reduction of fat in the arteries.

The pressure that water exerts on the body is also very positive as it improves blood circulation.

Makes the whole body stronger

Swimming is an exercise that simply engages every muscle group in your body, so you’ll get stronger overall. The swimmer’s act of propelling in the water makes him gain a lot of resistance and body awareness.

See how important it is to practice physical activities? If you choose swimming, you can be sure that you will soon feel all these benefits and more. Remember of consult a qualified professional if you are not used to the practice.

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