A 45-year-old Argentine woman died during Iberia flight IB2601 from Barcelona to Buenos Aires Ezeiza, operated by LEVEL Airbus A330-200 registered EC-NNH. The woman suffered a panic attack with sweating, difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness while the plane was flying over Brazil.

The airline crew provided primary care, and two doctors among the passengers also assisted her for an hour and a half, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save her. The plane alerted the Ezeiza Control Tower about the situation, and the necessary protocols were prepared for the landing. Once the plane landed at Ezeiza, the woman was confirmed to have no vital signs.

This incident follows another similar case earlier in the month, where a two-year-old boy with leukaemia decompensated and died during an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight bound for Resistencia, Chaco.

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