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Many everyday ailments can often be treated, soothed, and even prevented with simple lifestyle shifts or natural practices and remedies.

Some symptoms can be the result of serious underlying issues. As a result, it is always vitally important to seek professional medical advice if you have any symptoms you are concerned about. As well, any home remedies you consider trying should be discussed with your doctor.

While home remedies are often gentle and safe, some can cause further complications, especially if you are taking medication or have serious medical diagnoses.

If you are curious about how some simple changes might greatly benefit your health, check out these OGP self-care tips.

1. Are You Healthy?

Most of us say that we want to be healthy and want our loved ones to be healthy. We even toast to and/or pray for the health of people we don’t know. So, it only makes sense that we get it clear in our minds what exactly “healthy” means. The basics of what makes a healthy lifestyle aren’t mysterious, but they are worth reviewing from time to time. It’s a good practice to periodically compare how we are living with the way we know we should be living. Have a look at this checklist to help you answer the question- Are You Healthy? Here Is A Quick Checklist.

2. Healthy Joints

As our body ages, the joints that have kept us active and limber in a relatively pain-free manner begin to show a bit of wear and tear. It’s only—and quite literally—natural. Our bodies can’t last forever, and our joints are where much of the friction and damage usually show first. Fortunately, there are a lot of things we can do naturally to keep our joints healthy. Check out these ideas on How to Keep Your Joints Healthy.

3. Candida

Without us being aware, there are many different strains of fungus living in and on our bodies. For the most part, they live unbothered and without bothering us. However, there are occasions when certain strains of this fungus or yeast can overgrow and start to cause unpleasant and sometimes painful or even debilitating symptoms. One particular strain of fungus, or yeast, that can start to cause real problems when an overgrowth occurs is Candida albicans. Check out these Natural Ways to Help Prevent and Treat Candida Overgrowth.

4. Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious condition that requires medical attention immediately. High blood pressure is when the force of your blood pushing against your blood vessel walls is too high for a prolonged period. The reason why high blood pressure is so dangerous is that it causes your heart and blood vessels to work overtime and much harder. Eventually, this excess pressure damages the tissue inside your arteries. Take a look at these 10 Foods and Lifestyle Tips That May Help to Lower Blood Pressure.

5. Dry Scalp

A lot of us deal with dry scalp issues, and it can be an embarrassing thing to discover a dusting of flakes on our shoulders or nestled into our hairline. Hey, it’s life, it happens, and it doesn’t make us bad, or even unhygienic, people. For those who like to tackle things DIY style, for those who like to steer clear of chemicals, for those who know the pain of a dry scalp, now is the time to keep reading. Here are 7 Natural Methods for Dealing with a Dry Scalp you may not have considered.

6. Sleep Better

If you think about it, you spend about a third of your day in the bedroom. Granted, you are probably, or at least hopefully, resting and sleeping in there, but that doesn’t mean it should be a neglected room. Your bedroom is often shut off from the rest of the house where the eyes of guests don’t reach, so having clutter around might not be on top of your list of concerns. Maybe you even have your desk in your room with bright lights and work stuff everywhere. Check out these Wellness Tips for Creating a More Sleep-Friendly Bedroom.

7. PMS

For some, monthly menstruation flies by with no bother, yet for others, it can be a dreaded time of the month that is marked by pain, tiredness, and irritability, amongst other things. Nearly 48% of menstruating people experience symptoms of Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), with 20% experiencing symptoms severe enough to disrupt their normal routine. If you have mild to moderate symptoms, there might be a few home remedies that can help ease the physical, behavioral, and emotional discomforts. Have a look at these  Natural Ways to Ease Symptoms of PMS.

8. Remote Workers

There are lots of factors in our lives that can have a heavy and negative impact on our well-being. These don’t always manifest in an illness, as such, but can slowly wear down your energy, your mood, your sense of happiness, your sleep habits, your diet, your quality time, and every other aspect of modern life. Here, we are going to look at some ways those who work remotely can develop some self-care routines that can help with overall well-being. Have a look at these Tips on Self-Care for Remote Workers.

9. Hydration

For decades now, we’ve been told to drink water. In school, we were taught to have eight glasses a day. As adults, we have been carrying around water bottles. There are even flavoring products to help folks who don’t like water drink it. It’s important to get your water! While adequate hydration is extremely integral to a healthy body, water is not the only way to hydrate. Most liquids we drink, including caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea, aid in hydration in some way. A lot of our hydration comes from what we eat, and certain foods are great for it. Read on to learn How to Keep Hydrated Without Water This Summer.

10. Napping

It’s pretty understood that small children need naps during the day. But, somewhere along the way, adulthood sets in and naps are phased out. A lot of it might have to do with simply not having enough time in the day to spend precious minutes of it snoozing. However, there is a lot to be said about taking a few minutes to get some shut-eye during the daylight hours. Take a look at this Quick Guide to Great Napping.

11. Breathe

Stopping for a moment to make time to breathe, really breathe, can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional health. According to the American Lung Association, practicing intentional breathing techniques can strengthen and hone your lungs just as physical exercise strengthens muscles and keeps your heart healthy. Whatever your reasons for needing to stop a moment and breathe, check out these 4 Breathing Techniques and How They Can Benefit Your Health.

12. Dizziness

We all know that disorienting feeling of dizziness. Head spinning, false sense of motion, and feeling unsteady, woozy, weak, and faint are all symptoms associated with dizziness. We can all feel dizzy at times for different reasons, such as being hungry, dehydrated, too hot, or having stood up too quickly. Though dizziness can happen to any of us for several simple reasons, it can also be a symptom of more serious conditions. Read on to learn How to Naturally Treat Symptoms of Dizziness.

13. Sore Throats

Whether it is just a lurking scratch or a full-blown attack, sore throats are just the worst. Keeping your strength up and your immune system working hard is essential in fighting off whatever might be causing your pain and helping your body to heal. But, as is the case with a sore throat eating, drinking, or swallowing anything at all, can be excruciating. Fortunately, there are some foods and drinks that might feel quite soothing whilst giving you just the right nutrients you need to fight off the illness. Learn how to Soothe a Sore Throat with These Foods and Drinks.

14. Healthy Skin

What exactly does it mean to keep your skin hydrated and why is it important? Keeping our skin hydrated just means keeping moisture locked in so that it remains strong and has good elasticity. There are a few effective things that you can do to treat dry skin fast. There are also some long-term changes that you can make to help keep your skin in tip-top shape. Take a look at these 4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated.

15. Yoga for Hips

We often think of hip injuries as being something that happens to grandparents. While this might be mostly true, it’s typically an older person’s ailment, at some point, most of us are going to get a couple of decades older, hopefully, more. In other words, our hips are going to age, too. Opening our hips regularly, or shall we say loosening them up, is also helpful to the lower back. Have a go at practicing one of these 7 Basic Yoga Poses for Opening Your Hips.

These articles are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult a medical professional before practicing self-treatment or using home remedies. 

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