Board exams bring with them a truckload of stress which students often find difficult to cope with. In India, students appear or board exams at the end of Class X and Class XII and each has its own significance. If you are all worked up for your exams, or if you are parents worried about their kids' stress levels, here are 10 simple tips to deal with stress before exams.

1. Pause, Take Breaks

Yes, there's a syllabus load but calm down and take time out to go for a walk, listen to some music, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Taking time off will help soothe your nerves.

2. Take Deep Breaths

According to the American Institute of Stress, abdominal breathing for 20 to 30 minutes each day can reduce anxiety and reduce stress. They mention that deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to one's brain and promotes a state of calmness. 

3. Focus On Time Management

Good planning is a must to effectively cope with your syllabus and revisions. Make a schedule and stick to it to avoid last-minute tensions.

4. Eat Properly

A balanced diet is essential to manage your overall health and physical health is key when it comes to dealing with stressful situations like board exams. Mindful eating is essential - add a lot of fruits and veggies to your diet. Do not eat outside food during this time, you don't want to catch a stomach bug or suffer from a bout of indigestion. 

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5. Indulge In Physical Activities

Exercising will help relieve stress. So whether you are dancing to your favourite tune, going for a walk or run or hitting your neighbourhood gym, staying physically active will help you manage stress.

6. Catch Enough Sleep

Just like diet, your sleep schedule is important when it comes to managing stress before board exams. Lack of sleep only adds to the stress and mental health issues.

7. Stay Positive

We know it's easier said than done, but remember negativity only adds on to your stress levels and deters you from performing to the best of your abilities. 

8. Identify The Cause For Stress

You can be stressed for different reasons and only when you identify the cause, can you take steps to tackle with them effectively.

9. Continue With Your Hobby

If you have a hobby - painting, singing, dancing - you don't have to give up on them totally. Take out time for your favourite activities and it can prove to be an amazing stress buster.

10. Ask For Help

If You think you are unable to cope with the stress, by yourself talk to your parents, teachers, tutors, and friends and if needed, seek professional counselling.


(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for a professional teacher or counsellor's advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)


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