First check if your computer has two inputs - one for microphone and one for headphones. If you have only one then plug in headset. If you have two inputs, you need to use "computer adapter" cable (included in a package) and you plug the headset into the computer adapter, and plug computer adapter into the microphone input (red one) of the computer. Then you download Breathing Games or any other product from our page. Save the .air file where you want it on your computer. The application starts automatically and installs itself. After installing it also starts itself. To exit application click ESC key on your keyboard. (NOTE: before installing breathing games/walks/apps you need to install Adobe AIR: )


  • Connect headset to computer before starting a game (use adapter cable if you need it - for older computers, read explanation above)
  • Check if adapter cable and headset cable have clicked properly (it takes quite some force to click properly
  • Many times the games do not work the first time after installation, simply close the game and start it again. Restarting PC is usually not needed. This problem only occurs on the first run after installation, from now on games should work whenever started
  • Check your audio recording settings: Click Start, select Run, type mmsys.cpl in the Run input box and then press Enter (or go to control panel -> audio settings). In the box that appears click on the recording tab, now blow into the headset to determine which device is responding to your blows. Click on this device, click properties, set recording level to 100%, gain to 0%, and disable all additional effects (noise cancellation echo cancellation, surround sound, extra bass, and similar).



  • WARNING: When you install some other software, for example skype/zoom, settings for microphone may change, so in that case you have to repeat the previous step and you need to turn off all effects, put volume to 100, gain to zero, and disable any other effects again.
  • TIP: The best strategy to never have these problems again is to set some other microphone as your default windows microphone, so Zoom/Skype will not mess with Breathing+ settings again. Another simple solution is to disconnect breathing+ while using zoom/skype/teams

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