Usage and maintenance instructions for breathing headset 2.0.

How to put on your Breathing headset?

Put on headset by putting earpieces over your ears, making sure mouthpiece is 1-2 cm in front of your mouth. (see picture)



How to adjust for various head sizes?

Earpiece can be adjusted so it can fit to different head sizes. You can move the earpiece forward and backward to adjust them to fit you properly.

Headset side view.

How do I clean the headset?

After use and clean the mouthpiece and wipe it dry. Some users use their headsets thorough the whole day continuously (doing the breathing exercises or just talking/laughing) without experiencing any problems of heavy use. However, when unattended kids play breathing games they tend to blow too hard, consequently excreting saliva (spitting), and this saliva tends to block airways in the headset resulting in a reduced sensitivity of breathing detection. In such case the headset’s mouthpiece should be dried, or preferably cleaned with water and then dried to regain its sensitivity. Antibacterial liquids can be used prior to water cleaning. Professional dryer can be used. Machine washing should not be used. In professional environment the best practice is to use headsets in a use/clean/dry protocol, requiring multiple headsets to preserve continuous operation.

Headset cleaning with running water

How do I store headset properly?

After use store headset in a dry place in flying position.


Are there any precaution that needs to be considered while wearing headsets?

Children under 7 years should use it under parents' or care-givers' supervision.

How do I change earpads?

Earpads change repair video:

How do I fix broken earpiece holders?


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