How do I connect BREATHING headset to my mobile device?

Connect your headset to your mobile device's headphones input.

Mobile device

Do I need an adapter?

No, headset connects to Android devices directly. Adapter is required for desktop computers and older laptops.

What if game is not working?

Some games fail to work right after installation. It is recommended to close the game and start it again (or restart the phone) to solve the problem.

What is Adobe Air is missing on Android?

The problem is google lately removed a lot of apps from google play because of GDPR and some other legal concerns, so now you need to install Adobe Air by hand (for those games that require Adobe Air). In that case please follow these steps: 1) enable 3rd party install: 2) download this apk and copy it to phone: 3) run the apk from the phone, if you cannot find or cannot run an apk, use this alternative file explorer:

Is Android 6 supported?

Yes, but some games are not working yet, these are: Swimmer, Drag Race, and Bowling 2. New games will be ready

How to install breathing games on Android device?

Find a WIFI connection and download and install Breathing Games from Google Play (click). Plug in BREATHING+ headset into the headphones input of your mobile/tablet device and start one of the installed breathing games/apps. Watch the video here.

What to do if I don’t have enough free space on android device?

By default Android installs new apps in internal memory. After installation you can move some of your apps to external SD card, learn more here. When you move some apps to external SD card you will get more space to install new apps. You can also uninstall some apps, learn more here.

What to do if the Breathing Games are not working?

Sometimes games do not work after installation. In such case please restart your android device, connect your breathing headset, and start breathing game.

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