KUWAIT: Huawei Consumer Business Group on Monday announced the launch of Huawei Watch D -its first wrist-type ECG and blood pressure monitoring device. Huawei Watch D brings the convenience of health monitoring to consumers’ wrists, enabling wrist-type ECG and blood pressure monitoring anywhere. Huawei Watch D is light at just 40.9g. It has multiple workout modes and health monitoring functions.

It also uses a mini pump to measure blood pressure accurately anytime and anywhere. Huawei Watch D is the new choice for consumers as the everyday health monitoring and care companion. The Huawei Watch D is compatible with Huawei devices as well as other Android and iOS devices. It is available in Kuwait from Huawei’s official website and select retailers.

Innovative hardware
Hypertension is the most common chronic disease worldwide with billions of people needing close monitoring of blood pressure, along with long-term medication, to keep the body in check. The significant breakthrough with Huawei Watch D is that it supports accurate blood pressure measurement and monitoring anywhere in real time.

The accuracy of the blood pressure measurement is often being affected by the tightness and wear position on the wrist for traditional smartwatches. Thanks to the high-resolution pressure sensor, feedback pressure control circuit and low-flow airway of Huawei Watch D, the precise pressure measurement system can maintain a pressure measurement error within ±3mmHg.

ECG features
Huawei Watch D is not only a blood pressure sensor but is also a smartwatch that supports heart rate measurement. It is placed with an ECG high-performance sensor module that supports recording ECG data and immediately generates ECG reports. In addition, it also supports ECG monitoring that reminds the user to perform ECG measurements as soon as an abnormal heart rate is detected.

A health assistant on the wrist
Huawei Watch D is also an excellent health management device, thanks to the comprehensive health management features. The watch monitors your SpO2, allowing you to set automatic low blood oxygen level reminders and provide intelligent monitoring of SpO2 level. You also get the Huawei TruSleep 2.0TM sleep monitoring feature on the watch, which is the most advanced infrared sleep detection technology available. This allows the watch to perform sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep breathing monitoring. Besides, the watch also supports stress monitoring, skin temperature detection, etc.

Robust 7-day battery life
Combined with the smart mode, it offers 7 days of long battery life, which ensures users can wear it and use it continuously without having to charge it frequently.
Since 2000, smartwatch technology has been evolving. Today, with the launch of Huawei Wathc D, it sees a breakthrough in features, which have gone further in terms of health management indicating smartwatches have moved forward to a new level.

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