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Although running is very beneficial to one’s health, the wrong style could cause more harm than good. It is for this reason, a runner must know these important cues.

Warm up before every run

An effective warm-up increases breathing and heart rate and sends the body to the operating temperature. A running coach, Mike Horstmann said the warm-up preps the muscle and the joints in the body for the task ahead.

He believes that after a 20-minute warm-up, the muscles are ready to go.

“The first benefit of running is that it is fun. The more you run, the more fun it is. It also give you a sense of achievement and you can eat right afterward because you burn a lot of energy. And it helps you live longer, what more do you want,” he said.

Spacious running shoes and sportswear

Having a breathable sportswear and a good running shoes are important in the running course. This is because when you run, twice your body weight goes into each step.

“You have to look carefully for the right running shoes. It is very important they are comfortable and you have good cushioning. There should be a thump’s width of space in front of the foot, you don’t want to bruise your foot.

Good running style

Hit the ground with the whole foot instead of the heel. This is easy on the joint. Also, remember to keep the body straight and run in a relaxed way not too fast.

Drink plenty fluids

The body burns a lot of energy and loses fluids when you run. It is therefore important you have water on you when you undertake this activity. “You lose water very quickly when running, if it is a hot time of the day you could lose more water in an hour. You cannot completely replenish it while running, having a small on you is helpful. Otherwise, rehydrate quickly after training,” he said.

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