Survival stories have a dramatic and stimulating element at the same time, they remind the viewer of everything that civilization has accustomed them to take for granted: that to get food you only have to go to the supermarket and to light a fire you only need a match.

Keep Breathing -Keep breathing- is the story of Liv Rivera (Melissa Barrera), a young lawyer from New York who needs to travel to Inuvik, a town of Canada, but your flight is canceled for weather reasons. Desperate, she manages to be taken with her by some subjects who intend to leave on a private flight despite everything.

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As can be guessed from the beginning, disaster strikes and Liv is the only one who survives. Alone, in the middle of a wild nature, she begins her adventure. The plane fell into a lake that was frozen shortly before, so the water It’s so cold that it doesn’t let her breathe.

Without any preparation to survive, His first attempts fail. He can’t build a raft out of logs, he doesn’t know what fruits he can eat and, of course, his phone doesn’t work. Likewise, his joy is touching every time he makes a breakthrough.

"Keep Breathing" is a series that shows how the protagonist tries to survive with nothing (Photo: Netflix).
“Keep Breathing” is a series that shows how the protagonist tries to survive with nothing (Photo: Netflix).

He has to deal with a gigantic bear but then learns from the same animal to choose his food. With the strength that gives him the need to survive, he finally manages to get into the lake and rescue some items from the sunken plane. He thus finds out that his traveling companions -predictably- were not photographers of the National Geographic as they had told him. Perhaps the best irony of the situation is the way Liv uses wads of money to fuel a small campfire, which he lit using a magnifying glass exposed to sunlight.

The good and the bad of “Keep Breathing”

The somewhat tedious part of the miniseries are the flashbacks, which lately almost all productions use as a narrative resource. They appear every moment to show the reason for your urgency arriving in Inuvik with various images of an unhappy childhood, a runaway mother and a defeated father.

Keep Breathing is a creation of Martin Gero y Brendan Gall. Melissa Barrera She is Mexican, from Monterrey, and in her brief career she already has some leading roles, such as the musical In The Heights and the latest version of Scream.

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It celebrates the way Latino artists thrive in the industry, once seemingly reduced to just Salma Hayek. Liv’s mother is Florence Lozano and his father is John Paul Espinosa. They complete the cast Jeff Wilbusch y Getenesh Behre among others. The series is one of Netflix’s favorites.

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