ISLAMABAD: Around 200 paediatricians have successfully been trained in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir regarding proper use of oxygen therapy to save lives of preterm babies.

“Newborns with heart, lung, or respiratory problems may need to breathe increased amounts of oxygen but breathing too much oxygen can damage the lungs of babies who are born prematurely, and may also lead to problems in the brain and eyes,” Dr Mariyam Sarfraz, head of Global Health Department at HSA told The News.

The project titled “Trickle-down Training on National Oxygen Therapy Guidelines for Children” was jointly launched by the UNICEF in collaboration with Health Services Academy (HSA), Pakistan Paediatrics Association (PPA) and some other national stakeholders for proper use of oxygen therapy for saving lives of preterm and sick children.

The project trained around 99 paediatricians in Gilgit including 35 in Skardu, 34 paediatricians in Gilgit City and 30 paediatricians and child specialists in Chilas.

Similarly, 90 paediatricians have been trained in three cities of Azad

Jammu and Kashmir including 30 participants each in Kotli, Bagh and Muzaffarabad.

The training sessions covered topics on hypoxia management, oxygen delivery systems and CPAP therapy. Participants had the chance to learn from experts, engage in discussions and ask questions. Hands-on demonstrations were well-received and provided valuable information for participants’ responsibilities.

The training also offered networking opportunities with healthcare professionals from Gilgit Baltistan.

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