Halo Band by Amazon

Amazon announced via email that it intends to stop supporting Amazon Halo products, including the Halo Rise, Halo View, and Halo Band, effective July 31, 2023.

It appears that Amazon shut down its entire Halo division and consequently, will discontinues all Halo devices, including the recently released Halo Rise smart bedside clock. This move seems to be in line with wider layoffs at Amazon.

Beginning on August 1, 2023, Amazon Halo View, Amazon Halo Band, Halo Rise, and the Amazon Halo app, won’t work. And you won’t find those products available on Amazon’s website starting now.

For those with a paid subscription to Halo, Amazon won’t charge you the monthly subscription fee starting April 27, 2023. And any unused prepaid Halo subscriptions fees will be refunded via your original payment method, so you do not need to take any additional steps.

Additionally, Amazon says it will fully refund customers who purchased devices in the preceding 12 months (so from late April, 2022 to now.)

Customers should have received an via email notifying them of this update and have the option to download their health and data between now and July 31, 2023. Halo Email from Amazon

Amazon intends to start removing all Halo health and fitness data from Amazon’s servers on August 1, 2023.

If you own a Halo Rise, Halo Band, or Halo View, please consider recycling it using Amazon’s Recycling Program. With this program, Amazon covers the costs for shipping and recycling your Halo (and any accessories for it.) 

About the Halo Fitness Band and Halo View Amazon Halo View

Amazon first released this affordable (less than $100) fitness band in 2020. Similar to the Whoop Strap, it had no screen and captured a variety of health and fitness metrics using its many onboard sensors, including an accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, temperature sensor, and two microphones.

What made the Halo different is a few unique features not offered on similarly priced fitness bands: voice tone analysis , a movement health assessment, and body fat composition analysis. Amazon Halo Movement Assessment score

More on the Halo Rise Amazon Halo Rise clock

Amazon only recently released the Halo Rise, so it’s a huge surprise that it’s being discontinued so soon after release, especially with most positive reviews and user feedback.

What’s next for Amazon and fitness/health tracking?

We don’t know exactly why Amazon is ending the Halo, but we suspect that it never caught an audience like Fitbit, Whoop Strap, or even the similarly priced Amazfit and Mi Bands. 

It might just be a missed opportunity, given all the changes Google recently made with Fitbit and the dissatisfaction many Fitbit users feel about those changes.

Amazon keeps dipping its toes into the Health space but never seems to find the right fit. So, what’s next? Hopefully something that sticks!

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