Talk about finding a unique way to start your day in a good mood. The mammalian diving reflex, according to clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Judy Ho, Ph.D., forces your breathing and heart rate to slow down considerably, to conserve your energy, per Well and Good. Your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for making you feel relaxed, gets triggered when you dip your face in cold water. You can therefore calm your anxiety down considerably by indulging in this daily ritual, as Get the Gloss discovered after trying it out. 

According to Thriva’s clinical innovation associate Dr. Noel Young, your heart rate increases when your sympathetic nervous system is influenced by stress, “So lowering your heart rate by sending calming feedback to the vagus nerve can help assuage these panicky surges, providing quick relief from tension.” 

There’s more. Turning to this cold water trick every morning could also potentially be beneficial to your skin, although the effects may not be dramatic or long-lasting. In addition to being a good exfoliator, submerging your face in cold water can cause your capillaries to tighten and also improve lymph function, according to dermatologist Dr. Sidra Shakir. If you’re looking for an instant wake-me-up and soothed and rejuvenated skin, you may want to try this out — particularly if you’re feeling the effects from the night before (via TikTok). 

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