Today, Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, introduces the Pod 3, a new version of its award-winning sleep technology. The Pod 3 includes a new quad-core CPU, as well as improvements to its sensor system, enabling more accurate health and biometric tracking with double the sensor and 4,000x higher resolution. The new sensor system achieves a heart rate detection accuracy of 99% compared to the clinical reference. In addition, clinical data showed that the technology behind Pod 3 can improve sleep quality index by up to 32%², increase deep sleep by 34%³, and increase heart rate variability (HRV). can increase up to 19%. , The launch of the Pod 3 is part of Eight Sleep’s plan to transform an ordinary bed into an advanced fitness platform that enhances both recovery and performance.

“From the beginning, we set out to build the best system in the world for powering sleep optimization, and with the launch of Pod 3 we are taking a huge step forward,” he says. Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, “Three years after the launch of the original Pod, it’s heartening to see how our innovations are improving people’s lives, with clinically validated results showing improved recovery night after night.”

Thermoregulatory technology that improves sleep quality and increases HRV

Layer active grid The pod, which wraps around a mattress like a cover, is 55? on each side of the bed. and 110? Continues to provide dynamic heating and cooling between (12.7ºC and 43.3ºC). This allows users to maintain a comfortable temperature range during sleep, which has been clinically shown to improve sleep quality index, deep sleep time, as well as heart rate variability:

  • Up to 34% Increase in Deep Sleep³: After just one week of sleep in the pod, users experienced an average 10% increase in deep sleep and a maximum of 34%. Users who initially had shorter-than-average deep sleep duration reported the most increased deep sleep after using the pod. Since deep sleep is important for many key bodily processes, such as learning and memory, exercise recovery, immunity and metabolism, sleeping in a pod can be highly beneficial for people who struggle to get the optimal amount of deep sleep each night. Huh.
  • Improve clinical sleep quality by 32%²: Pod has been shown to improve people’s sleep quality by up to 32% using standard clinical measurements. The average pod user also experienced 34% more energy during the day, 23% fewer sleep interruptions, and 44% faster sleep onset, compared to their pre-sleep baseline levels. Pod.
  • Increase in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) by 19%³: After a week of sleeping in the pod, users show an average increase of 6% in their HRV. For one in three users of Sleep, HRV rises by at least 10%, and one in four users experiences at least a 15% increase in HRV. Importantly, individuals with lower than average HRV experienced the greatest increase in HRV after sleeping in the pod, with an average increase of 9% and a maximum increase of 19%. An increase in HRV indicates better recovery, heart health and cognitive performance.

While still retaining the award-winning features of the Pod 2 Pro, the new Pod 3 includes improved technology and an updated user experience with the following additions:

A new quad-core CPU to increase the computing power of the Pod

The powerful new quad-core CPU significantly increases the computing power in the Pod 3, doubling the number of sensors to track key biometrics like heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, sleep, and more. With more robust hardware systems, Pods can now process more complex data locally and algorithms critical for biometric sleep tracking. In addition, the new hardware enables future deep learning-based features to be delivered to users through frequent cloud updates.

design invisible sensing With double the sensor and 4,000x resolution in sleep and health tracking

The Pod 3 includes a new design invisible sensing Its sensor packages to maximize comfort while providing more accurate measurements with double the size and 4,000 times higher sensor resolution. Building on the excellent biometric accuracy of the previous generation, the Pod 3’s dual sensors enable an additional 20% improvement in heart rate variability accuracy as well as a maximum heart rate error of less than 1 beat per minute compared to the clinical context. Huh.

Dual-band Wi-Fi chip with 5GHz support for extended connectivity range

A new dual-band Wi-Fi chip in the core system increases compatibility from 2.4GHz networks to 5GHz, as well as improves compatibility with mesh networks. This update boosts Wi-Fi connection speed and stability, allowing the Pod to find the best balance between long-distance and high-bandwidth connectivity, regardless of a user’s home layout.

Eight Sleep App 8+. Provides health related information and much more with

The Pod 3’s powerful features are managed from eight sleep apps, which act as a single dashboard for viewing health and sleep parameters, adjusting sleep preferences, and managing temperature settings. With the optional 8+ subscription, users can take their dreams to the next level. 8+ allows you to discover all the intelligence of a product built from over 90 million hours of sleep data. Features of the Eight Sleep app include:

  • Temperature Autopilot: Autopilot uses AI to adjust a user’s sleeping temperature in real time, based on their sleep history, past temperature preferences, bedroom temperature, local weather, and user feedback.
  • Health and sleep report: Sleep fitness report is provided daily, which includes key health parameters like heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep time, deep sleep, REM sleep and sleep. Breathing frequency.
  • Connections with third-party wearable devices: Users can connect their favorite third-party fitness devices to the Eight Sleep app to understand how their daytime activities affect their sleep. Compatible devices include Peloton, Aura, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Health, Fitbit, TrainingPeaks, Polar and Zwift.
  • Behavioral Insights: Provides 8+ sleep and health insights, based on more than 90 million hours of sleep data, and creates personalized recommendations for each user with actionable suggestions to promote positive behavior change.
  • Content designed to help you fall asleep: 8+ members have access to a growing library of content, including guided breathing, yoga, meditation and more that help users fall asleep faster and actively wake up is designed to help.

“EightSleep’s next step in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible thanks to Pod 3 sleep technology, which not only monitors your health, but improves it. The Pod 3’s new sensing and computing hardware integrates biometric algorithms.” Enables more complex deployments, providing our members with the best and most innovative features to restore health.All this is achieved by making the pod even more comfortable with the new design. invisible sensing“I assure Dr. David Hay, Vice President of Research and Development at Eight Sleep,

Available now

Eight Sleep Pod 3 is available for purchase online today. Prices for the Pod 3 cover start at $2,095 for Full, $2,195 for Queen and King, and $2,395 for California King. Current Eight Sleep members get priority access to updates. Eight Sleep keeps its customers satisfied by offering 100 trial nights and free returns. For more information on the Pod 3, watch the video here, and to purchase the Pod, visit

about eight sleeps

Eight Sleep is the world’s first dedicated sleep fitness company whose mission is to promote human potential through optimal sleep. Its hardware, software and artificial intelligence technologies power professional athletes and high-performance athletes around the world, such as snowboarding sensation and Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard, World’s Fittest Man, Justin Medeiros, winner of the 2021 CrossFit Games, and 8-time Formula One champion team Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS. Eight Sleep was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 and 2022. The company has been recognized by Time magazine as the “Best Invention of the Year” for two consecutive years, with eight sleeps available in North America (USA and Canada) and the UK, Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain) and in Australia via


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