Title: Strengthen Your Abdomen with Breath-Activated Exercises, Says Personal Trainer

Subtitle: Personal trainer Víctor Téllez demonstrates simple exercises to activate the core anywhere, including the workplace.

In a recent video, personal trainer Víctor Téllez unveiled a simple yet effective exercise to strengthen the abdomen using only the breath. Téllez suggests doing 10 repetitions in one position and another 10 in a different position, making it suitable for both strengthening and warming up before workouts.

The first exercise can be performed while sitting in a chair, requiring only a brick placed between the legs. Téllez explains that this activates the abductor area, which works in synchronization with the abdominal area, thus enhancing the exercise’s effectiveness.

However, the key to the exercise lies not just in posture but also in breathing. By inhaling through the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth while squeezing the abdominal area, one can strengthen the abdomen. This simple breathing technique also helps in contracting the waist, leading to strengthened obliques and the transversus abdominis area.

The second level of this exercise can be done on the ground, lying down. The brick is positioned in the same place and pressed with the same force as in the sitting position. Téllez advises paying attention to the posture of the back while performing this exercise.

For the last level, Téllez recommends performing the exercise on the floor with the legs raised at a 90-degree angle.

By incorporating these breath-activated exercises into their daily routines, individuals can witness an improvement in abdominal strength. Those interested in further tips and guidance from Víctor Téllez can access his videos on improving physical health and strengthening the entire body through the provided link.

For inquiries or questions, Téllez can be contacted through his social media channels.

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