To keep you healthy, be happy, and live a longer, more meaningful life, she shared these eight tips: Learn new things, like languages, constantly train your brain. Check your sugar. Monitor and take care of your blood level, too much glucose leads to diseases and alters the structure of the brain. Take care of your pressure and stress. Keep your blood pressure level in shape, not taking care of it can lead to strokes. Exercise. Aerobic exercise helps the brain to form new connections, speed up your heart for at least 20 minutes several days a week. Protect your head from damage and injury. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates in the diet, eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Make sure you have enough vitamins and micronutrients in your diet. Have a sense of life. In turn, he mentioned other habits that we could apply in our lives such as

eat in the present

Pay attention and focus on the present when eating; and it is that, we even make it automatic to prepare our food without enjoying it when eating, remember that the brain and intestines are the “other” brains of our body.

Not doing so causes us to feel dissatisfied in the end with one of the most important activities in our lives and that we should enjoy in order to be happier and have a healthy brain.
For this reason, follow these tips:Don’t eat in a hurry.Cook and eat in a good mood.Taste and enjoy the food.Drink more water.Eat together.Sit at a real table.Don’t do various tasks while you eat.Put on music.Leave the end your favorite meal. Try not to watch screens or TV while you eat.

Healthy sleep, healthy mind

Sleep is very important for our brain and body, it has been shown that both need it so that humans can grow, be happy, de-stress, be active and heal; For this reason, they recommend: Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day. Avoid caffeine consumption after 6 pm. Avoid prolonged exposure to artificial light at night as much as possible. Eat dinner at least 4 hours before bed. Before After sleeping, take a warm or hot shower. Respect the bedtime. When you wake up, take time to do a breathing exercise.

What you should avoid

Now, if you want to render your brain less than optimal, age it and possibly lead to mental and physical health complications, you can do the following:
Frequently drinking alcoholic beverages. Taking drugs. Not drinking enough water. Eating a lot of carbohydrates and sugars. Avoiding vegetables and fruits. Not eating properly, fast and out of schedule. access positive habits, but first, we must discover the ones we have and turn them around; but starting is the important thing, then maintaining them and so we can change them, “he said.

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