NapBot, a popular sleep tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch, has been updated to add support for a new feature that will help people identify and monitor sleep apnea.

The new feature, available via the latest update to NapBot that's in the App Store now, uses sensors in the Apple Watch to track a wearer's respiratory rate. From there, it's able to use that information to help monitor whether someone is suffering from sleep apnea or not.

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that can cause people to essentially stop breathing for a period. When they do take another breath it can cause a loud snoring-like sound and the poor quality sleep can leave sufferers feeling tired during the day.

With this new update, NapBot can be told to only check for sleep apnea when the Sleep Focus Mode is enabled, something that ensures that no false positives are detected.

Alongside this new feature NapBot still includes all the other sleep tracking that users know and love, including sleeping heart rate and noise monitoring.

The new update is available for download now. Advanced features require a NapBot Pro subscription, available as a monthly or annual payment with a week-long free trial also offered. NapBot is one of the best Apple Watch apps for tracking the quality of sleep and this new addition could prove to be a vital one for tones of people.

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