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Resurgence Tennessee, based in Fayetteville, TN, wants to highlight their success as one of the top eating disorder treatment centers in Tennessee. As a fully featured facility, they offer treatment for various kinds of eating disorders, from binge eating disorders to anorexia and bulimia, including other complex eating disorders. And they are pleased to announce that they have experienced lasting success in the results of their clients.

One type of eating disorder they can help with is anorexia nervosa, which is a condition where patients regard themselves as overweight despite being dangerously underweight. Typical symptoms include: thinning of the bones (osteopenia or osteoporosis); mild anemia and muscle wasting and weakness; brittle hair and nails; dry and yellowish skin; growth of fine hair all over the body (lanugo); severe constipation; low blood pressure slowed breathing and pulse; damage to the structure and function of the heart; brain damage; multiorgan failure; drop in internal body temperature, causing a person to feel cold all the time; lethargy, sluggishness, or feeling tired all the time; and infertility.

Eating disorder treatment centers in Tennessee are led by Resurgence Tennessee, concept shown by man processing emotions in therapy session at their Fayetteville facility

Another type of eating disorder they can help with is bulimia nervosa. Those who have it have frequent and recurrent episodes of eating extremely large amounts of food. After binge eating, they will compensate for it by vomiting, fasting, using diuretics or laxatives, and exercising excessively.

A spokesperson for Resurgence Tennessee says, “Eating disorders are complex and are influenced by a lot of different factors. Early treatment is very important for eating disorders, because people with eating disorders are at higher risk for suicide and medical complications. If you or your loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, know that there is hope and complete recovery is possible. A safe facility with trained professionals, like the one we provide, can help uncover the underlying reasons it and provide the benefit of monitoring progress, making sure there are no outside distractions that will hinder recovery.”

It is important to note that taking some time away from the emotional strain, pressure, and negative influences is vital in ensuring the success of finally moving away from an eating disorder. They take a holistic approach in their customized treatment program for eating disorders that really address the underlying conditions. This requires determining the cause of the disorder, learning more effective skills for problem solving, addressing emotional needs in a healthy manner, and learning how to deal with life’s ups and downs, including personal relationships and having a positive attitude towards eating and health in general.

They also want to point out that the facilities they have in Fayetteville provide leading treatment programs that allow patients to step down from inpatient treatment to a Tennessee outpatient program. This program is for those who want less structure while still maintaining accountability and therapeutic support.

Finally, for residents of Tennessee who are searching for an evidence based prescription drug treatment in the state, the staff and offerings of Resurgence Tennessee are more than adequate. Under new ownership, their team has achieved even greater success with an acclaimed program for such services. They are cordially inviting everyone struggling with an eating disorder or an addiction to reach out to them at any time for more information on their services.

Each member of their staff has been rigorously trained to help clients in solving and uncovering their problems through their two-part, integrated treatment approach: changing unhealthy habits and behaviors; and creating a new life they can be proud of and excited to live. Their customized approach, plus their staff of highly motivated and well-trained professionals, ensures that client will get excellent care before during and after treatment.

Founded in 2017, Resurgence Tennessee offers an evidence-based residential rehab program and has 14 locations in California and one each in Texas and Tennessee. Each inpatient rehab facility provides 24-hour medical care where clients are closely monitored. They offer inpatient care, on-site medical detox, rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), life skills training, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) trauma treatment, trauma-informed care, SMART recovery groups, family therapy, and gender-specific treatment. Their treatment teams are made up of health professionals, trained addiction specialists, certified addiction counselors, and licensed therapists, with a board of directors that oversees everyone to make sure that standards are followed.

For prescription drug treatment in Tennessee or other kinds of addiction treatment services, those who are interested can go to the Resurgence Tennessee website, or contact them through the telephone any time of day or night.


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