The panic attacks they are a serious problem for those who suffer from it. But they are not something to be ashamed of. Because of this Lorenzo Fragolasongwriter and winner of the eighth edition of X Factorhas decided to talk about it online, on its social networks.

He did it in a an unorthodox but definitely impactful way: he recovered in the moments that followed an attack he had at 4 in the morning and then he has posted the video on Tik Tok. With a transfigured face and labored breathing, the singer showed himself without filters to push those like him who suffer from this disorder to not to withdraw into oneself but to ask for help.

“I recorded this video at 4 in the morning, right after having a panic attack, ”Strawberry said. “It is a terrible experiencebut I wanted to show it to tell all those who suffer from this thing that we need to talk about it and get help. It is an ailment and there is no shame any “.

Fragola is just another of the well-known faces, Italian and international, who spends his words in favor of the protection of mental health. They talked about it before him Chiara Ferragni (who also suffered from panic attacks) e Fedez, Last and Stefano De Martino, and then, abroad, Harry Styles, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Lewis Hamilton.

Aurora Ramazzottiwhich for years has been fighting to remove the stigma from those who turn to psychotherapy, for this reason was chosen as the testimonial of the law for the institution of the basic psychologist in Lombardy.

Being sick is not a shame, it is the message these young stars want to send. To their peers, to younger children, but also to those who are older. Because it’s never too late to get help and get better.

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