Workouts That Pregnant Women Should Try!

There is never a wrong time to exercise. People who are physically active and maintain a healthy diet are at much less risks of developing serious illnesses in the long run. This is especially essential when you are pregnant. Being pregnant does not mean that you cannot pursue physical activities. On the contrary, being active will help you gain strength and although it is not mandatory, it will also help keep your weight in check. Pregnancy period can take a toll on a woman's mental state. Working out will also helps you release that stress and mood swings that you have been dealing with. Studies also show that expecting women, who exercise to maintain muscle strength and healthy weight, are at a lower risk of assisted delivery. The kinds of workouts that you are trying will depend on your prior lifestyle but both low impact and high impact workouts are good for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Workout Plan

If you are pregnant, try these workouts.


Swimming is one of the best physical activities recommended by experts and pregnant women can try it too. It is a very effective full body workout and it does not involve putting your body through too much exhaustion. You can always stop if you are feeling tired but even swimming for 6-7 minutes every day is a good way to keep yourself active. It is especially recommended for people who experience joint pain.

Low Impact Aerobics

If you are not used to regular workouts or working out at all, you should start off with low impact aerobic workouts. Low impact workouts include walking or cycling. You can keep a time track of your routines and ensure that you take enough breaks in between. If you are a novice you should never over exhaust yourself, especially if you are pregnant. You can try increasing the time bit by bit everyday but do not exert yourself as it may impact your negatively.

Resistance Training

Studies show that during pregnancy, a full body routine is more effective that a split routine. Make sure that you target the specific muscles during your workout. To make things interesting and also impactful you can try working out with resistant bands, weights, cables, etc. try one exercise for each muscle group and continue this routine every day.

Yoga And Pilates

Yoga and Pilates offer perfect exercises for stretching and strengthening muscles. These exercises can also alleviate back pain and other associated discomforts of pregnancy. Experts say that these are also called neuromotor exercises, which means that all the stretching and bending isn't only working on your muscles but on the coordination of your mind with your muscles as well.

Take Precautions in Pregnancy- Do Not Overdo It!

A mother who is due to give birth soon should be very cautious with her activities. Many accidents can take place especially if the person is around dangerous objects especially at the gym. Here are some precautions that you can take while doing your regular workout routine.

  • Try to avoid overheating. It is important to ensure that the space where you are working out is properly ventilated. Overheating can negatively impact you if you are pregnant.
  • Wear loose clothes while working out.
  • If you are in your first trimester, you should be very cautious. do not do ballistic movements or exercises that may strain your joints. Joints are usually weaker than normal during this period.
  • Take care that you breathe normally while exercising. Do not hold your breath at all. It can be harmful foy you and your unborn child.

Remember, exercise is an important factor in maintaining a healthy BMI and pregnancy. Combined with a healthy diet, this can have amazing results in avoiding complications and risks related to pregnancy.

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