LAHORE – Team of doctors on Wednesday performed plastic surgery of torture victim minor housemaid Rizwana at Lahore General Hospital.

Plastic surgeons performed skin granting on wounds on face and near eyes.

They shifted the ill fatted little girl back to room after cleaning wounds on her head.

Prof Jaudat Saleem said that skin grafting on the back of Rizwana would also be carried out.

Rizwana is under treatment at LGH for the last 22 days.

Minor housemaid, victim of torture by wife of a civil judge, was first admitted to the DHQ Hospital Sargodha.

There were wounds on her face, head and body besides burn marks.

She was later shifted to the LGH in critical condition on July 24.

Special Medical Board conducted a thorough medical examination and Rizwana was diagnosed with sepsis.

As per the medical board, old wounds increased infection in blood and affected some organs.

Infection in one lung and blood clots in the other was causing difficulties in breathing.

Her health condition is gradually improving at the LGH.

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