Yoga has been a part of Indian society and culture since ancient times. It has also been beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual well-being for centuries now. Medical and fitness experts from all over the world have recognised doing yoga as one of the most effective precautions as well as cures for health ailments. Now with the western world slowly adopting a lifestyle where yoga and meditation play an important role in well-being, June 21 is marked as International Yoga Day for spreading more awareness about it around the world.

International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga Asanas For Heart

Yoga has been a boon for almost all body parts, it has good effects on the bones, lungs, immune system and even heart. Keeping the heart healthy is essential to keep the overall body healthy. From Tadasana to Vrikshasana, here’s a list of Yoga asanas for a healthy heart;


This asana is a standing yoga posture, to stimulate the cardiovascular conditions, While performing this asana, the chest expands and the breathing becomes deep and rhythmical, it also increases the stamina.


This asana is immensely beneficial for stress release and blood circulation, it also stabilises the heart rate. This yoga posture also improves the body balance and increases stamina.


In Utkatasana one can experience the heart and respiratory rate increasing. The asana stretches the chest and stimulates the heart.


This yoga asana is really useful as it helps in strengthening the vertebral column and the heart. The posture involves deep breathing which expands the lungs.


This asana improves the body posture and balance. Vrikshasana is not only good for physical well-being but also good for emotional well-being as the deep breathing and stretching could make one happy and confident.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

The yoga asana is effective for the whole body, it stretches the spine and stimulates the chest. This posture is really good for a healthy heart.

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