Authorities are warning parents that a popular street snack at the center of a new viral video trend could be dangerous. According to CNN, Indonesia's Ministry of Health is urging parents to be vigilant after dozens of children have been injured after eating "dragon's breath," tiny candies that are dipped in liquid nitrogen, which creates a vapor effect.

The candies are very popular, and many children have been posting videos on social media blowing the vapor out of their mouths, noses, and ears.

While liquid nitrogen is used in cooking by top chefs to create cool-looking effects, it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Officials said they have received numerous reports of children suffering skin burns, severe stomach pains, and food poisoning after consuming the candies. At least two children had to be hospitalized.

" Liquid nitrogen is not only dangerous when consumed, it can cause severe breathing difficulties from nitrogen fumes that are inhaled over a long time," the ministry's director general Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said. "Schools must educate children in the community about the dangers of liquid nitrogen in food (to) prevent more cases of severe food poisoning."

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