The birth of a baby is the most beautiful feeling and moment in this world. When a child is born, the heart of everyone around it fills with joy. After the birth of a baby, there are many changes in its body.

His umbilical cord is cut. This is where the dependence on the placenta for oxygen and nutrition ends. When a baby takes a breath for the first time, air moves through its lungs. In this article, we are telling you what kind of care is given to the baby in the delivery room after birth.

is heated

According to, newborn baby is wet with amniotic fluid and can get cold easily. The baby is dried and placed in a warm blanket and heat lamps are used to prevent overheating of the body. A warm hat is also often worn on the baby’s head. Giving the baby skin-to-skin contact on the chest or tummy also helps to warm her body. With early skin-to-skin contact, the baby cries less and breastfeeds more easily.

newborn baby care

Baby’s health assessment is done soon after birth. Apgar score is checked. The Apgar test reveals the condition of a newborn baby within 1 minute and 5 minutes after birth. Baby’s activity, muscle tone, pulse rate, reflex irritability, skin color, and rate of breathing are included in the Apgar test. An Apgar score of 7 to 10 is normal. A score of 4 to 6 means the baby needs oxygen and needs to be monitored. A score of 3 or less means the baby needs rescue breathing or live saving techniques.

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Physical exam in the delivery room

Some signs are checked to know if the baby is healthy. In the next few minutes and hours some procedures are done like checking the baby’s temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. His weight, length and head width are observed. This shows whether the weight and measurements of the baby are correct as per the time of delivery. Very small or underweight babies and very large children may need special care.

and what happens

Baby’s umbilical cord is clamped on the stump which needs to be kept clean and dry. When the temperature of the baby is normal, it can be bathed for the first time. The presence of bacteria in the birth canal can lead to infection of the baby’s eyes. In this, antibiotic or antiseptic eye drops are put into the baby’s eyes immediately after birth.

Before the baby leaves the delivery room, an ID number matching the mother’s is inserted in her hand.

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This work should be done by the mother immediately after the birth of the baby, both get its benefits for life

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