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A THUG who punched a man unconscious leaving him with memory loss was jailed on Monday for 30 months.

James Welch, 49, struck Paul Hogg, 29, once on the face in Glasgow city centre on September 10, 2022.

The attacker asked witnesses to check if he was breathing after giving him a "Taekwondo punch".

He also stated that he did not hit the victim with much force.

Mr Hogg continues to receive occupational therapy to help his short-term memory loss and hearing.

Welch pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr Hogg to his severe injury and permanent impairment.

The court heard that Mr Hogg was in a convenience store when he discovered he didn't have his wallet.

Welch entered the store meantime and spoke with him before both men left.

An altercation took place between the pair before Mr Hogg initially walked away and returned.

Prosecutor Amy Hunter said: "Witnesses saw Welch punch Mr Hogg with his fist to his left cheek.

"This was a single punch which caused Mr Hogg to fall to the ground."

Witnesses also heard a thud as the victim landed on the pavement.

Miss Hunter added: "Welch asked witnesses to see if he was still breathing.

"He said he did not hit him that hard and it was a Taekwondo punch."

Welch appeared to be agitated and paced around the area.

He stated: "Give him a shake to wake him up."

Police attended when Mr Hogg was roused but his speech was slurred and was not making any sense.

He was taken to hospital where it was found that he suffered a bleed to his skull.

Welch was arrested meantime when he told officers: "It was fight or flight, the man was in my face."

Welch stated Mr Hogg had been shoplifting and he asked his future victim to return property.

He later denied being responsible for the attack at a police station.

Miss Hunter said: "A medical update says Mr Hogg has hearing issues in his left ear.

"It has improved but he says it is not the same.

"He says he has short term memory loss and is going through occupational therapy."

Munawar Ali, defending, told the court: "He apologises for his conduct on that day.

"He accepts full responsibility for committing this crime."

It was revealed that Welch has an analogous conviction at the High Court from 2004.

Sheriff Joan Kerr said: "You have pleaded guilty to a serious offence.

"When you engage in such acts such as punching someone you become responsible for all consequences.

"The consequences in this case are very serious and severe.

"You caused significant impairment to a 29-year-old who has ongoing treatment as a result of your assault.

"I'm satisfied the only way to deal with matters is imposing prison upon you."

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