Leonie Ferreira says the device she uses while exercising, is an effective, result-proven fitness concept imported from Europe. “We had tried the concept before and realised that this type of thing is exactly what Hoedspruit needed. Being a global village with loads of overseas’ visitors owning property in the area, we knew bringing the concept to our little town would only make sense and would be a great addition to our local residents.

Lavinia Lowe of Hoedspruit in action.

“We investigated what the “downside” to exercising in Hoedspruit was where the weather is hot most of the year and the majority of residents living outside of town, only coming into town every other day, and the EMS concept just made sense,” she said. “Electrostimulation is a muscular activation system that allows the simultaneous contraction of 350 muscles.

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“By training twice a week, you will achieve results superior to any conventional training of the same duration. “So in 20 minutes, you can achieve what you would in 2-3 hours with a regular workout with definite results,” said Leoni. Leoni and her partner, Tanya Jansen van Vuuren, are both mothers and time is always an issue, as well as the frustration of not seeing results.

“Now we are able to offer others the same benefit of real results, less time spent in a gym and all in our gorgeous air-conditioned studio. Our clients vary from busy rangers to businessmen, students, and mothers who don’t have the time to exercise but really want to work on their fitness and be healthy. “After a session of just 20 minutes you can really tell you have had an intense workout, the endorphins are flowing and you just can’t wait to come back.

Besides the mental health benefits, the results are phenomenal, weight loss, toning, bone density improvement, muscle injury repair, enhanced muscular blood flow to name a few,” she said. Call 072 373 2490 or 065 566 0767.

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