Exercise It is essential to stay healthy at any age, but you can vary the routines according to the goals you want to achieve.

One of the most common debates in the world fitness is if it is better to do cardio exercise What do you weigh or vice versa? For the Harvard University There is not one better than the other, since both lead to different results.

In it Health blog from your Medical Schoolphysical therapist Rachel Wilson says you shouldn’t ignore the cardio or strength exercises when looking for a complete routine.

Benefits of aerobic exercises (cardio), according to Harvard

The movements that are included in this type of exercise are swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, exercise with ellipticalrun walk or aerobics classes.

When you practice them, your heart rate and breathing speed up, benefiting bodily functions. This is important because, according to Harvard, your heart and lungs increase their resistance.

If you get tired going up the stairs it is a sign that you need aerobic exercise. What are you waiting to do it? At the same time, you will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, burn body fat and reduce blood sugar levels.

Benefits of resistance exercise (weights), according to Harvard

The Harvard University says that the value of the strengthening exercises. “Once you reach age 50 and older, strength (or endurance) training is critical to preserving your ability to perform the most common activities of daily living and to maintain an active, independent lifestyle,” he notes. .

Experts explain that the average 30-year-old will lose about a quarter of their muscle strength by age 70 and half by age 90.

“Doing only aerobic exercise is not adequate. Unless you’re doing strength training, you’re going to get weaker and less functional,” said Dr. Robert Schreiber.

Increase your muscle mass with weights, squats, push-ups and resistance bands. Strength exercises will help you regain the muscle mass you thought was lost.

You also stimulate bone growth, lower blood sugar levels, you control your weight, reduce stress and joint pain. If you have a hard time lifting heavy objects, maybe it’s time to include these exercises in your routine.

Consult a professional to find out how much weight you should carry and the appropriate repetitions for your body type. Do not get hurt!

Other fundamental exercises in your routine


Can’t bend over to tie your shoelaces anymore? The stretching exercises increase flexibility. As we age, the muscles shorten, the tendons are not the same.

But do not give up, do these exercises to avoid cramps and joint pain.

balance exercises

Dr. Wilson notes that as we age, “the systems that help us maintain balance—our vision, our inner ears, and our leg muscles and joints—tend to break down.”

Fortunately, there are exercises to improve. How about some yoga or Tai Chi classes? Consider it if you constantly fall or feel like the floor is “moving” while you walk. In our gallery we give you a couple of tips to perform these four exercises perfectly.

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