Training your diaphragm to work more efficiently has been proven to enhance athletic performance, help sleep, decrease stress and increase metabolism.

During Breathletics, participants experience a meditative or "flow" state for up to 45 minutes during when focus is placed on solely music, breathing and diaphragm training. Low oxygen levels from the prolonged breathwork requires participants' brains to work in unusual manner which encourages emotional releases. These releases can reduce anxiety, PTSD and stress and aid in quieting one's inner critic and ego.

"I didn't know what to expect from this class as I have never attended a breathing class. It was like nothing I have participated in It was very good. I had various tingling feelings but think those are normal. Mike lead it very well. I felt he was available for guidance and extra attention if necessary. I would definitely attend again if offered" said Laura Conanoco, a Breathletics participant.

Upbeat music, a dark room, encouragement from an experienced coach and the feeling of complete serenity after class will make you wish you did breathwork sooner.

Join the workshop Saturday, May 20th from 2-3:30 pm at Inspyr Studios 2924 W Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights.. Cost: $25 per person. Text "Breathletics Workshop" to (847) 749-4630 to reserve your spot today.


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