Going for a hot girl walk is all the rage, especially to get your body moving in the morning to start the day right. Walking is an accessible form of exercise, and it can actually burn a lot of calories if you know the right techniques.

Other than being a low-impact sport that is good for your health, and contributes to your daily step count for staying in shape, it is something you can do every day to feel good in your body, move and get some exercise.

Next time you go on your hot girl walk, try some of these tips to get an extra burst of a workout. Challenging yourself to a slightly more challenging


Walk On Intervals

Next time that you go for a walk and you feel like burning it up, challenge yourself to walk at intervals at a normal pace and switch to a faster pace. It can be whatever time interval you are comfortable with such as 5 minutes at a normal pace, and three minutes walking fast, or 2 for 2, 5 for 5, there is no limit to this.

By getting your heart rate up, you will burn more calories. The more that you walk faster, the more cardio you are initiating, but just think of this as some bursts to get your heart rate up and get more out of your workout. You might even be able to download a walking podcast that instructs you when to go faster and when to slow down, such as with the Nike Fitness App.

If you are going for walks and breathing at a normal resting pace, it is not engaging your cardio as much as you could be. Pay attention to your pace and your breathing rate to burn more calories and get more out of the walk, don't be afraid to break a sweat.

Do Mini-Sprints

If you don't feel like doing intervals, you can always choose to do some mini sprints. Instead of timing yourself, decide to pick up the pace until you reach the end of the block. Remind yourself to do periodic fast paces to get the most out of your walk.

Distance is also important, as it is a LISS activity, the longer you do it, the more you can get out of it. Track your kilometers and try to stick to a consistent distance, if not increase with time.

Pay attention to how much you walk in an hour, for example. When you walk faster, you can walk a longer distance, use this ratio to keep track of your fitness goals. 

Try Different Terrains & Inclines

If you are someone who goes walking in your city or somewhere nearby, that is totally fine, but switching up the terrain and incline is a sure way to get more out of your run. If you have the time, go to a nearby park or even a hiking trail zone to take your walk uphill.

By challenging yourself to different terrain and include, you will burn it up and get a different workout in. The beach is also a good place to switch up the terrain, and you will be feeling it in your legs and glutes due to the traction from the sand.

Get Your Arms Moving

A sure way to get your heart rate up is to get the arms moving. When you pump your arms, your heart rate goes up and you can burn more calories. Always walk with your arms at a 90-degree angle at your sides, but you can pump them faster to get more out of your walk.

When your arms get moving, you should feel a difference in your breathing and even break a sweat, that is a good thing to get the most out of your walking.

Stop For Some Pilates Or HIIT

While you are out for a walk, why not take a break to do some cardio or strengthening exercises? Do a 5 min HIIT workout in the part, or find a bench to support yourself and do some leg lifts, assisted pushups and more.

Whether it be a burst of cardio to get your heart rate up, or simply utilizing the outdoor space to get some squats or lunges in, it adds to your daily fitness. 

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Use Weights

Use weights when you go for a walk to sweat it up, burn more calories and challenge yourself. This is especially great if you can't go to a place with an include because it challenges your body and even supports toning.

You can walk with hand weights, and or, walk with leg weights. These tools are also super handy for at-home workouts. 

Next time you go for a walk, use one of these techniques to burn it up.

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