The AI-powered app uses patent-pending technology; it was developed by collecting data from animals and veterinary experts to refine it over the years with a data set including a large number of trials and errors.

The company behind it, AI FOR PET, is a Korean young start-up founded in 2020 and describe themselves as continuing "to learn and explore different paths for what we think would be the best way forward for our beloved companions. 

"We know that nothing is guaranteed in our endeavors, yet we all know that there are some things that we can do for our pet companions to help them live a healthier, happier life, and we thrive to be that channel between our beloved companions," stated their site.

7. Mindbank lets you store yourself for future generations to talk to

Mindbank is an interesting AI-powered app that lets you "store" your consciousness, ready to be accessed by future generations after your death. Inspired by the creator's observation of his daughter talking to Siri, Mindbank has been designed to develop a Siri-like application to allow conversation with the dead.

"Today she speaks to Siri, but one day in the future, I want her to speak to me like this even if I’m not alive,” Mindbank's founder says.

"Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted guardians of your AI Digital Twin and move the human race forward. Humanity’s next evolutionary step is to combine ourselves with Ai and move humanity forward, so we are no longer bound by anything," explained Mindbank.

"As you create your AI Digital Twin you’ll go on a lifelong journey of personal discovery and growth that will allow you to reach your full potential."

So, how does it work? According to Mindbank, its app provides the following functions:

  • Guided questions make it easier for your digital twin to learn about your life story so you can use data to live eternally. Each response brings it one step closer to becoming you.
  • With the use of advanced cognitive analysis, you'll be able to learn important insights about each response and comprehend how your mind functions.
  • Each response will aid in sharpening your thinking and enable you to consider the past. With each interaction, you'll develop your inner fortitude and courage.
  • Your data is saved using a distributed ledger, making it exceedingly impossible for someone to steal your personal information or use it to identify you.
  • Although initially offered in English and Spanish, it will eventually support more than 46 languages.

8. "HEY MIRROR" could be the only smart mirror you ever need

The "HEY MIRROR" smart furniture item combines a mirror and a display with IoT (Internet of Things) technology. It allows you to control smart homes, utilize different healthcare devices, check information, integrate data management, check the news and weather, and enjoy music, videos, etc.

The idea is that by connecting all of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a single "Hey Mirror," you can use them with ease. The AI voice recognition module allows for the natural management of desired functions and the quick review of data gathered by smart devices.

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