Pune: The weather in Mumbai and Pune has deteriorated due to the cold weather in the last few days. Due to the increase in pollution, the air in Mumbai is likely to remain at hazardous levels, while the air in Pune is likely to remain at dangerous levels in the next two days.

The Air Quality Index and Air Quality Forecast are provided by the ‘Safar’ system under the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. Accordingly, the criteria of good, satisfactory, normal, hazardous and extremely hazardous air quality have been determined. According to these criteria, the air quality of Mumbai and Pune is seen to be deteriorating. Due to the increase in cold in the last few days, pollution has also increased in these two cities. Air quality has deteriorated due to increase in polluting dust particles. Therefore, Pune’s air is expected to remain hazardous and Mumbai’s air is expected to remain at very hazardous level for the next two days.

In Pune, air quality may be at hazardous levels in Shivajinagar area, Hadapsar, Kothrud areas. It has been explained that the air quality in Colaba, Mazgaon, Andheri, Chembur, Malad, Navi Mumbai in Mumbai is very dangerous, while the air in Bhandup area can be at a dangerous level.

Care must be taken

Degraded quality can cause health problems. It can cause difficulty in breathing, feeling tired. Especially asthma patients may experience more difficulty in breathing. Therefore, physical exertion should be avoided, stay outside for a long time, if you start coughing continuously, take medicines immediately if you start having difficulty in breathing. An appeal has also been made to consult a doctor as per the requirement.

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