Italian live artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Giorgia Angiuli has launched a bluetooth-enabled device designed to "enhance physical and mental wellbeing with sound". 

The project, KAYLA, is the result of a collaboration with Angel4future, a company specialising in "innovative engineering solutions", Bari University, and event manager-DJ Valerio Sinatra. A crowdfunding process is underway to bring the idea to market, via Indiegogo

Taking the form of an AI-powered headset connected to a smartphone app, the kit claims to use music and tonality to change the shape of electric waves in our brains. Users can choose a "soundscape" to work with, each of which is composed of different frequencies with varying effects.

The technology also provides feedback data on EEG, heart rate, breathing and body movements, giving a clear idea of what's happening inside the body by tracking real time changes in relation to sounds. In turn, this allows it to play appropriate frequencies tailored to an individual's current mindset. 

The idea has roots in the pandemic, when Angiuli began composing meditational music in a bid to reduce anxiety, at which point she started studying the neuroscience of sound healing and neuroplasticity. The term refers to the brain's ability to adapt and change depending on external circumstances, such as trauma events. However, according to the launch information, the system is not limited to stress reduction and relaxation, with some elements specifically made to improve alertness and concentration levels. 

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