Forth Frontier has announced the second generation of their advanced heart rate chest strap. Frontier X2 comes with faster sync, better connectivity and some software updates.

In our review earlier this year of the original device, the smart heart rate monitor impressed us with its plethora of features. Unlike typical chest straps which stop at reading and displaying a user’s heart rate, this one also provides ECG and heart rhythm, in addition to breathing rate, body shock during foot strike, cardiac strain, training load, cadence and more.

The wearable has been designed to allow you to train with confidence you are not over-straining your heart. You can use it to supplement the stats that you typically get from your sports watch with additional insights.

Is your exercise intensity causing undue strain to your heart and lungs? Can you push harder? Frontier X will give you this type of information. The device can also spit out real-time vibration alerts while you are exercising, ensuring that you stay within optimal zones for your heart health.

Frontier X2 – what’s new?

The new version of the product was revealed a couple of days ago. The wearable still looks pretty much the same as the predecessor version. No changes we could spot there apart from the physical button which is Blue now whereas before it was Red.

Frontier X2
Frontier X2

Fourth Frontier says, the second generation has all the ability of the first generation but with some improvements. For starters, this includes three times faster wireless data sync. Now you can upload and view your heart rhythm within seconds of finishing your recording. Before, it could take up to a minute or two depending on the length of your exercise.

Another enhancement which will be important to those that use the wearable as a connected device are faster updates for heart rate. As before, you can use Frontier X2 with up to two external devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart simultaneously, along with the Frontier X app. So if you have it connected to a Garmin watch, the heart rate updates should come through more often.

Frontier X2

Frontier X2
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Frontier X2

Finally, Frontier X2 and the first generation product have the ability to be used as a 24 hour ECG monitor. This can be useful if you are recovering from a heart issue or simply want to check on the health of your ticker. The difference is that now you have a more detailed ECG/Electrical Rhythm view in the mobile app whereas before it was more basic.

Frontier X2 can be ordered now on the Fourth Frontier website. It sells for $549 so $50 more than the first generation device. A purchase includes a free Cardiac Exercise Specialist review of your exercise activity.

You can view our full review of the first generation device on this link.

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