Key Takeaways

  • Fitbit Charge 6 offers improved health tracking and heart rate sensor with 60% more accuracy, as well as ECG and blood oxygen monitoring.
  • The smart fitness tracker comes pre-loaded with various Google-made apps, including YouTube Music, Google Maps, and Google Wallet.
  • The tracker supports 40+ sports activities and can be paired with compatible machines for real-time heart rate information during workouts.

Fitbit announced the latest addition to its smart fitness trackers and smartwatches lineup, the Fitbit Charge 6. The new wearable improves health tracking, the heart rate sensor, and comes pre-loaded with various Google-made apps, including YouTube Music, Google Wallet, and Google Maps, to make navigation and contactless payments easier and faster.

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Price & Availability

The Fitbit Charge 6 is available now at, as well as several other retailers like Amazon and BestBuy. The Charge 6 costs $159.95 USD (£140, €160) in all three colors, and users can purchase one year of premium with a two-year protection plan for only $34.98 at Pre-orders will ship on 12 October, 2023.


Fitbit Charge 6

The new Fitbit Charge 6 improves health tracking, the heart rate sensor, and comes with several built-in Google-made apps such as YouTube Music, Google Maps, Google Wallet, and more. The tracker also supports ECG, blood oxygen monitoring and 40+ sports activities. 

Fitbit Charge 6: New features


The Fitbit Charge 6 features a small, but colorful 1.04-inch AMOLED display with AoD (Always-on Display) functionality. The tracker features the same similar design as other fitness trackers from the company, and it’s compact. It’s made of aluminium, glass, and resin. It has side buttons for controls and is available in three colors: Black, Coral, and Porcelain. The tracker is 5 ATM rated, meaning a swim will be fine. There’s also GPS and GLONASS to help you track your workouts.

Feature-wise, the new Fitbit Charge 6 has all of the features that you would expect from a smart fitness tracker from the company. It can track blood oxygen (SpO2) levels as well as ECG heart rate rhythm. It can measure your stress level, as well as sleep, breathing rate, and recognize sports automatically. The tracker supports 40+ exercises with support for VO2 readings.


The company also emphasized that it improved the optical heart rate sensor with new electrical sensors and machine learning algorithms developed by Google to achieve a 60% more accuracy compared to the Fitbit Charge 5. Users will also be able to pair the tracker with compatible machines to get real-time heart rate information during workouts.

Since Google owns Fitbit, the company has also started to more closely collaborate with the company. As a result, the new Charge 6 now comes with several Google-made applications pre-loaded. The apps include the likes of YouTube Music, Google Maps with turn-by-turn directions, Google Wallet for contactless payments. Google Assistant isn’t supported on the tracker, but it does have Find My Phone functionality.

When it comes to the battery, Fitbit says it can last for 7 days on a single charge. As always, this will depend on how frequently you measure your health, and how often you rely on features that could deplete the battery faster, such as GPS, music, and constant tracking.

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