Monitoring your health at home might soon become even easier, all thanks to Apple.

A recent report from Bloomberg has unveiled a range of exciting new features coming to the next generation of Apple Watches.

According to the report, the upcoming Apple Watch series 10, set to launch next year, will include advanced functionalities to detect elevated blood pressure and sleep disturbances, which can help in diagnosing hypertension and sleep apnea.

The tech giant is also working on introducing other health features for future models and devices like AirPods, as part of its “evolving approach to healthcare.”

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Apple Watch blood pressure sensors

As reported by Bloomberg, the new Apple Watch will feature a basic blood pressure sensor.

Forbes speculates that this sensor may use near-infrared spectroscopy to calculate changes in blood pressure by analyzing blood flow with near-infrared light.

This sensor may not provide exact numbers like a cuff in a doctor’s office, but it can detect changes and elevations in blood pressure. This can serve as an initial indication that someone may be experiencing hypertension and require further examination by a healthcare professional.

While the current detection may not be highly accurate, Bloomberg reports that future models could offer precise systolic and diastolic measurements, similar to what is obtained using a cuff. This may also include a blood pressure journal feature to track changes and spikes.

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Apple Watch sleep apnea detection

Similar to the blood pressure sensor, this feature will serve as an early warning to users, notifying them that they may need to consult with a doctor.

Though accuracy may be a concern, the watch will ultimately recommend making a doctor’s appointment based on any abnormalities it detects. While it cannot monitor brain activity like traditional sleep studies, it can check for other common indicators such as movement, breathing rate, snoring, and heart rate.

While users will still need to consult a medical professional for a formal assessment and diagnosis, the early warning from the watch can help bridge the gap for those reluctant to undergo initial testing, due to the discomfort of a polysomnogram in a hospital setting with multiple sensors and machines.

This feature, like blood pressure monitoring, is designed to serve as an early indicator and encourage users to further investigate these preliminary findings.

Future Apple product health features

According to Bloomberg’s report, future Apple products may include additional health features, such as an Apple Watch with a blood glucose monitor that alerts wearers if they are at risk of becoming pre-diabetic.

The company is also said to be developing a digital health coaching service that would require a monthly subscription. This service may utilize artificial intelligence and device data to create personalized workout and eating plans for users.

Additionally, Apple is working on AirPods that can function as hearing aids and a feature to test hearing at home, as reported by Bloomberg.

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