An IPS officer’s health suddenly deteriorated on an Indigo Airlines flight going from Delhi to Hyderabad. During this, Telangana Governor Tamilisai Sundararajan, who was present in the flight, saved his life. Kripanand Tripathi Ujela, a 1994 batch officer, had dengue. In the middle of the flight, he got high fever, due to fever, Kripanand started feeling restless.

Seeing IPS officer Kripanand in trouble, the Governor reached out to him and took care of him till the flight reached Hyderabad. The Governor of Telangana is a doctor by profession.

Kripanand’s platelets had gone up to 14,000
Kripanand was admitted to a private hospital as soon as the flight reached Hyderabad. Here in the test it was found that he had dengue. His platelet count had dropped to 14,000. Kripanand told- If Madam Governor had not helped me in the flight on Saturday, I don’t know what would have happened. She took care of me like a mother during the journey, if she had not been there, I would not have reached the hospital.

Kripanand said – madam gave me new life
IPS officer told that when Madam Governor measured my heart rate was only 39 at that time, I was having trouble in breathing. On this he advised me to bend forward, which made my breath steady. Now Kripanand’s condition is improving. They are expressing gratitude to the Governor. He says that if madam was not in that flight, I would not have survived. He gave me a new life.

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