Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3 Finale) Episode 11: Concluding the fight against Hantengu and thus ending the season, the season finale of Demon Slayer’s third season was an extended episode, coming in at fifty minutes long. It’s been a mixed bag as a whole, with it being plagued by multiple pacing issues with ill–timed flashbacks, many of which were also uninteresting and predictable. On the other hand, the animation remains strong as ever, which was seen not only in the Demon Slayers’ fight against the two Upper-Rank demons but also in Infinity Castle in the first episode. The episode ends with an indication as to the future direction of the plot, and fans will no doubt be looking forward to the newly announced fourth season.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3 Finale) Episode 11 Recap:

Resuming with the chase of Hantengu, Tanjiro thinks of the demon’s selfishness in the running away from the very humans he had been trying to kill, remembering how Zohakuten had condemned humans as villains for trying to kill his small main body. Tanjiro then acknowledges the determination of humans, who, despite their immense vulnerability to demons, bravely confront them and refuse to give up.

As Hantengu flees, he glances back and witnesses two trees hurling toward him and Nezuko approaching as well. However, he dodges both the trees and Nezuko as well. Startled, Hantengu quickens his pace and scurries away from Nezuko and Genya. Genya grows increasingly irritated by the demon’s sudden burst of speed and their own inability to catch up. Tanjiro observes that although the demon still possesses some strength, the Demon Slayers are nearing their limits.

He gazes at the sky and realizes that dawn is approaching. Considering Mitsuri’s ongoing battle with Zohakuten, he anticipates her stamina running out soon, and the demons will choose to run from the approaching sunlight. He tries to encourage himself to find the final push and refuses to let Hantengu prevail. However, his determination is abruptly interrupted as he experiences a sharp pain in his left leg, slowing him down considerably.

While searching for a solution to help him keep going, Tanjiro recalls Zenitsu’s explanation of Thunder Breathing and its emphasis on the user’s legs. Although he lacks precise knowledge of muscle mechanics, he remembers that his mentor once mentioned the importance of being fully aware of one’s muscles in achieving Total Concentration Breathing.

Armed with this knowledge, Tanjiro decides to try a technique that involves infusing oxygen into every part of his muscles and blood vessels. He firmly plants his right leg on the ground, transferring his weight onto it, and takes a deep breath to channel his strength into his leg. With a resounding thunderclap, he releases the built-up energy, propelling himself past Genya and Nezuko and enabling him to catch up to Hantengu.

Afraid, the demon gazes back as Tanjiro unleashes his technique, swiftly slicing into his neck and penetrating halfway through. Hantengu contorts his neck and surprisingly questions whether Tanjiro feels no pity for him before growing larger.

Hantengu seizes Tanjiro by the head, aiming to crush him while angrily accusing him of bullying the weak. Tanjiro’s consciousness begins to fade as the demon’s grip tightens, but Genya intervenes, striving to pry the demon’s hands away. In response, the demon uses Urogi’s sonic shriek, inflicting intense pain upon both Tanjiro and Genya. As they are reeling from it, Nezuko springs forward from behind, dousing Hantengu in her own blood and igniting him in flames. With the demon weakened, Genya manages to sever the arms that have Tanjiro. However, he soon realizes that the flames produced by Nezuko also harm him due to his prior consumption of demon flesh for power.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3) Episode 11 recap and ending explained
A still from Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3 Finale) Episode 11

With the blade still embedded in his hand, Tanjiro thrusts once more, slashing even deeper into the neck of the demon. The giant demon staggers backward, causing both Tanjiro and himself to plummet off a cliff, and Nezuko desperately tries to reach her brother but also ends up falling. As Genya calls out to the siblings, the giant demon rises to its feet, realizing that its regenerative abilities are impaired because Zohakuten is also fighting, depleting their shared power.

Hantengu, in search of humans to consume and restore strength, hears Tanjiro’s resolute declaration that he won’t let him escape. Looking back, the demon is confronted by the sight of the surviving Demon Slayer, who wants to sever his head, prompting the giant demon to run.

From a distance, Hantengu catches sight of three swordsmiths. Assessing his enemies, he recognizes Nezuko as the most difficult due to her being a fellow demon. He underestimates Tanjiro, believing that the Demon Slayer’s attacks are ineffective, as he has not managed to sever his neck completely. The swordsmiths quickly notice the approaching demon and start running away as the demon relentlessly pursues.

Exhausted and drained, Tanjiro lifts himself off the tree branch and collapses to the ground. He notices that Nezuko is unconscious. As the demon chases the swordsmiths, Tanjiro prepares to kneel down and utilize his Total Concentration Breathing technique, but he suddenly hears a voice calling out to him: Muichiro.

He observes as a sword impales itself into the ground before him, recognizing it as the gleaming ancient blade hurled by Muichiro. Instructing Tanjiro to utilize the weapon, the Mist Hashira urges him on. With his remaining strength, Muichiro informs Tanjiro that the demon will escape once the sun rises. These words ignite Tanjiro’s determination to continue the fight, and Muichiro thinks that everyone’s feelings are in that sword.

As the demon remains within his line of sight, Tanjiro activates his Total Concentration Breathing, triggering the appearance of marks on his forehead. Harnessing the power of his Hinokami Kagura technique and his understanding of Thunder Breathing, he combines them in a swift and formidable strike known as Dancing Flash. This attack propels him forward at incredible speed, instantly closing the gap between him and the distant demon. With his sword aimed at the demon’s neck, Tanjiro twists his body, beheading him successfully whilst realizing that dawn is almost here. Rushing back to Nezuko, he tries to warn her but can’t speak properly due to being choked earlier.

With an expression of horror, Nezuko suddenly dashes toward Tanjiro, leaving him confused and concerned. He becomes perplexed as she seems to be the one in danger now, considering the open surroundings and no place to take shelter from the approaching sun. After a brief delay, Nezuko finally manages to get Tanjiro to turn around.  

It is then that Tanjiro notices the cause of her worry. Despite being decapitated, the headless giant clone continues its relentless pursuit of the swordsmiths, intent on eating them. Tanjiro’s gaze falls upon the nearby severed head, and he reads the kanji for “resentment” etched onto its tongue. Recalling that the main body previously displayed the kanji as a “coward,” Tanjiro realizes that it still remains alive and poses a grave threat to the swordsmiths.

As Tanjiro prepares to deliver a final blow to the demon, his sister joins him in the attack. However, at that moment, the sun finally rises above the mountains. Sunlight begins to cover the area, casting its rays upon Nezuko, causing severe burns to her face and arms as she instinctively shields herself. Filled with distress, Tanjiro abandons his pursuit of the demon and rushes to cover his sister, who is in a lot of pain. He pleads with her to shrink herself in an attempt to find some protection from the sunlight. Despite her efforts to do just that, Nezuko continues to burn, and Tanjiro observes the severity of her injuries, despite the limited exposure to sunlight so far.

He looks back and notices the demon still relentlessly chasing its prey. As Tanjiro desperately searches for assistance, he sees Genya and Muichiro, the former of whom is too far, and the latter is unconscious. He contemplates the dire situation, recognizing that if he allows the demon to continue burning, the swordsmiths will perish. Initially, he considers carrying Nezuko while he confronts the demon, but he soon realizes that he would not be able to reach them in time if he chooses to do that.

Caught in a tormenting dilemma, Tanjiro looks back and forth between the advancing demon and his sister, who is being consumed by the burning sunlight. Paralyzed by the weight of his decision, he finds himself trapped at the moment, overwhelmed by frustration and anger at the seemingly insurmountable odds he must confront.

Clutching Nezuko tightly to shield her, Tanjiro’s actions are abruptly disrupted when she unexpectedly kicks him into the air, leaving herself completely exposed to the scorching rays. Shocked by her self-sacrificial choice and witnessing her endure the agonizing burns, Tanjiro watches as Nezuko signals him to vanquish the demon, as a flashback of important moments with Nezuko plays briefly.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3) Episode 11: Recap Ending Explained

Using his sharp nose and Hantengu’s scent to track the demon inside the large demon’s heart and slices it in half. Saying that the demon will pay for its sins by giving his life, he then cuts off its neck as the sunlight covers the demon as well; despite a final attempt to stop Tanjiro, Hantengu dies after being beheaded and exposed to the sunlight, including Zohakuten and the dragons Mitsuri was fighting.

Overwhelmed by a profound sadness, Tanjiro sinks to his knees, consumed by the realization that, despite their victory, he had been compelled to sacrifice the very reason he embarked on his journey as a Demon Slayer, his beloved sister. Yet, as the swordsmiths stand there in astonishment, their gazes fixed behind Tanjiro, a surge of wonder fills his heart.

Turning around, he is met with an awe-inspiring sight that defies all expectations – Nezuko approaches him, completely unscathed, devoid of any scars or burns, and wearing a radiant smile. The sun shines brightly in the sky, its warm rays illuminating the scene as Nezuko somehow talks with her brother, albeit limited to repeating what she hears. At that moment, a sense of wonder and hope blossoms within Tanjiro’s soul, and the two embrace, being observed warmly by Genya and the swordsmiths. 

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 3 Finale) Episode 11 Ending, Explained:

Elsewhere, inside a grand mansion, the lady of the house and her maid entered the room belonging to the lady’s supposed child, only to be confronted by a chilling sight. The child is no child at all but Muzan, cunningly disguised as a child. Overwhelmed by malevolent glee, he relishes the moment before ruthlessly obliterating the head of his “mother.” The maid stands frozen in horror, her gaze fixated on Muzan as he callously discusses his sinister plans.

He dismisses the significance of the Blue Spider Lily, claiming that all he needs to do is find Nezuko and consume her, thus enabling him to conquer the sun itself. He knows this due to Hantengu informing him in his dying moments. Shapeshifting back into his adult form, Muzan callously kills the maid too.

It is now revealed why Muzan coveted the Blue Spider Lily so fervently. In the past, there was a compassionate doctor who had transformed Muzan into a demon. Enraged by the knowledge that he would not surpass the age of twenty due to his ailing condition, despite enduring tremendous suffering to prolong his life, Muzan murdered the doctor whom he also believed to be a quack. However, he soon discovered that the medicine the doctor had administered had bestowed him with enhanced strength. He possessed a formidable physique but remained unable to withstand sunlight.

Filled with fury, Muzan relentlessly sought the Blue Spider Lily, the flower utilized in creating the medicine. His quest for the elusive flower proved fruitless, with the doctor being the sole individual privy to its location. Yearning for the perfect immortal body, Muzan now fixates on Nezuko, as she becomes the focal point of all ensuing battles after triumphing over the sun’s destructive rays.

Back outside the village, Muichiro, Kotetsu, Haganezuka, and Kanamori arrive at the scene, with Muichiro and Tanjiro thanking each other, though Tanjiro is confused as to why he is being thanked. Haganezuka is angry at Tanjiro, comically believing that he has destroyed his sword yet again, despite being told by the others that it is, in fact, in one piece.

The narration shifts to the contents of Tamayo’s letter addressed to Tanjiro. Grateful for his contribution of the blood samples from the Twelve Kizuki demons (Upper Rank and Lower Rank Demons) and his sister Nezuko, Tamayo expresses her profound appreciation. Utilizing these samples, she successfully formulates an antidote capable of restoring consciousness to demons, an achievement she validates through a successful test on one of Muzan’s victims.

Tamayo proceeds to discuss the peculiar nature of Nezuko’s blood, noting that its composition underwent rapid changes within a remarkably short period. She offers an explanation for Nezuko’s continued childlike behavior and lack of regained consciousness, suggesting that Nezuko has been prioritizing another significant aspect. Filled with optimism, Tamayo theorizes that Nezuko will soon possess the ability to conquer the formidable power of the sun itself, which has come true.

Mitsuri is stunned to see Nezuko talk but is then overwhelmed by joy and tears. Later on, the village is reconstructed as Tanjiro is about to leave, and he comes across the village chief, who thanks him for saving their village. Haganezuka promises to restore the sword and bring it to the Butterfly Mansion as well, making Tanjiro happy. A Kakushi arrives to take Tanjiro out of the village and back to the Butterfly Mansion.

Filled with a sense of awe, Tanjiro is deeply moved to witness the entire village gathering at the main gate, bidding him farewell as a symbol of gratitude for his instrumental role in saving their beloved village. The air is filled with joyous celebration as confetti is joyfully thrown, adding to the festive atmosphere. The Kakushi, who had previously accompanied Tanjiro to the village with his senses restricted, now removes the constraints, allowing the young slayer to fully experience the adoration and admiration showered upon him by the villagers. This brings the episode, and thus the season, to a close. 

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