CrossFit is one of the hardest sports we can practice, and its training method is more popular among gym fans. They are always challenging but they also motivate us to work harder to be better.

However, there are days when we don’t always have time to go to the typical facilities where CrossFit is usually practiced or, simply, in the cold, we don’t like to leave the house. So, now we bring you a different and somewhat special WOD: it requires no equipment, only from our own body. With this, we have a more effective workout for the whole body.

Working the chest, legs, and abs, while making our heart beat faster and challenging our lung capacity and cardio level, this is a session you will never forget.

The training consists of five movements. An exercise is repeated, and we add a new one for each round. We started with 10 burpees, followed immediately by another 10 burpees and 23 push-ups. Afterward, we repeat the two exercises, but we add 50 lunges and, when finished, 100 sit-ups. The last exercise we will do is 150 squats.

Yes, it sounds a bit confusing, but we promise that once the training starts, we will all be able to get the hang of it. In total, we’ll be doing 650 repetitions, so it’s not a quick or easy workout. We don’t force ourselves: if we have to stop, we can do it.

Rest is necessary, but the important thing is to keep moving as much as we can. Just stopping for a few seconds, breathing, and drinking water is enough to compose yourself and continue the exercises.

1. Burpees

We squat and place our hands on the floor, between our feet. With a jump, we throw our feet back, until we are in a plank position, and then lower our chest to the floor. We climb by stretching our arms and, in a jump, we bring our feet forward, before jumping in the air with our hands above our head.

From this exercise we will do 10 repetitions for each series which is the first, in total we will do 5 series.

2. Push-ups

We lower ourselves into a plank position, tighten our core, and rest our hands under our shoulders. We bend our elbows to lower our chest to the floor and, without separating it from our body, push explosively.

Each series consists of 25 repetitions. Since this exercise is added for the first time in the second series, we end up doing 4 in total.

3. Step

This is one of the most popular lower body exercises. We stand up after push-ups, take a step forward with one leg, and bend the back knee until it touches the ground. We return to the initial explosive position, stop, and repeat the movement on the opposite leg. We need to keep the core active and the chest up.

You should do 50 repetitions (25 per leg) in each series, and make three series.

4. Butterfly crunches

We sat on the floor with our legs bent and the soles of our shoes together. We lie down with our hands on our heads. Squeezing the stomachs, we rise until we touch the feet with our hands. We slow down and take control and go back and forth.

We will do 100 repetitions and two series.

5. Squats

We stand up again, pulling our hips and bending our knees, lowering ourselves until our thighs are parallel to the floor. We pushed and got up until we were standing strong.

We need to do 150 squats but only one series.

This workout is proof that challenging ourselves doesn’t require complicated equipment. By acting like this we become beasts in the gym.

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